Extended Profiles – show your skills


We’re back with some exciting platform updates, and the most exciting one is surely the new extended user profile.

It’s really pretty cool because now you can easily

  • show the community and the clients  your skills


  • and the industries you have work experience in.


Just go to your “Profile”, “Edit my Profile” and “Skills” respectively “Industries”, hover over the little boxes and click on the ones you’d like to mark. The green checkbox will show you that you’ve successfully chose that skill or industry – no need to save. This way you can easily show your skills to the community and clients and this will gain you a lot of benefits. We’re working on a couple of extremly nice features that will be rolled out based on the extended user profile in the next couple of months:

  • new filter options that allow you to search for your perfect collaboration partner
  • new filter options that’ll make it easier for you to find the right tasks on jovoto
  • the opportunity to make parts of your profile public so that you can actually use it as a portfolio
  • a search function so that people who are looking for freelance talent can find you
  • and invitations to smaller projects with guaranteed payment based on your profile information – we’re working on setting this up as an opportunity for our most talented creatives

So get down and fill out your profile information today!


Olof Ekman is Head of Community Management at jovoto and spends his time making the the jovoto experience as fun & pleasant as possible for it's community members!



    I maybe did not got everything right so please help me out.

    I got the point on Skills thing, but isn’t Jovoto the place where a Surfboard designer could have a awesome concept for an Automotive-Campaign?

    So if i am the Surfboard designer and did not select Automotive, because i’m used to designing surfboards, i wont get picked?
    Am i right so far?

    That would cause in future the surfboard designer, which is now sad, selects all Industries, because he wants all chances to be creative, right?

    And that would make the Industries useless to me.

    translation missing: en.profile.skills.product-design

    nice feature…even though I really would appreciate work on the voting system, idea / update labeling and member verification…

    Hm, actually I would have appreciated if you had worked on the split voting system first… :o/

    Not sure what to think of your new feature. My first thought was: ah, perfect, now the imposters on jovoto can boast of their alleged skills. I mean, you can check whatever you like – but your work will tell everything people need to know about you, won´t it?

    Not sure about your project invitation based on profile information either. In the past you selected people according to their actual skills as demonstrated in their work on jovoto. Will that be worthless in future? Will you count on provided profile information only – no matter if this was done honestly or not?

    Just some personal thoughts for discussion…

    it is good, but now I can not go to the payment page. Help me please!

    @Arina: oh, I just tested it and I can access my paymnet information. Can you try again please and if it still doesn’t work please contact me via http://support.jovoto.com

    @ReneCreate and Janne: No need to worry, we will of course not base invites to private projects on skills and/or industries marked in the profile only. The karma a creative collected is obviously still the most decisive factor.

    The additional information you provide in your profile simply helps to understand clients what kind of creative they are dealing with. For some it might be most interesting to work with people with a background in other industries than their own one, for others it might be especially important to work with craetives that have no skills whatsovere in eg “Product Packaging” – because they want to test a certain product packaging and see what copy writers and graphic designers think of it and how they would approach the product.

    Considering this, it also doesn’t make sense to fill in falsy information – because you can never know what a client is looking for. Falsy information will just lead you nowhere – because after all a client (and jovoto) sees if you actually have skills in say “Graphic Design” 😉

    @ Frieda: But do clients actually look into users´ profiles? And did in the past any client contact a member on the base of their profile? Just wondering…

    Hey Janne,
    we keep working on the platform because we want it to develop into a workspace with even more opportunities for creatives than now. Enhanced user profiles are a mandatory requirement for this. So relevant is what clients will do in the future, and not what they did in the past 😉

    @Frieda: Got it. 😉