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At jovoto we strive to be different from other platforms. We want to nurture our existing creative community and help it grow. The Textile Orbit is a revolutionary new way for creatives to work, bringing together the best designers on the platform for monthly design briefs direct from the fashion industry.

There they compete with a select few to win up to €5,000 in prize money per month. In addition, if one of your designs is licensed by our client there’s also a chance it will be bought by major fashion brands and you will receive €100 per license plus a further €0.20 in royalties per produced metre. Orbiters also receive exclusive monthly trend forecasts from leading forecasting agency, Promostyl. A great opportunity for any talented designer!

With your creative development in mind we’ve been working with PatternObserver to design a course that will help graphic designers at jovoto to diversify the skills they already have and open up new opportunities to participate both on the platform and outside the jovoto community.

We’re extremely pleased to announce that PatternObserver will now offer a course – ‘the graphic designers guide to textile design’ – to all jovoto users for the amazing price of $4.97.

The course includes video lessons and transcripts that you can download as soon as payment is made. It’s an amazing opportunity to learn something new, broaden your skill base and gain access to more opportunities with jovoto.

You’ll learn about pattern design, repeats, what makes a strong layout, the production process and much more. To give you an even better idea what the course is about we had a quick chat with Michelle Fifis from Pattern Observer who developed the course:


Michele Fifis – Founder of Pattern Observer


Hi Michelle! Amazing job on developing this course. What can a graphic designer expect to learn from taking this course?

Thank you! With this course I wanted to give graphic designers an inside look into the textile design industry. There are many similarities between the two fields, but there are also significant differences in regards to layout and color usage. In this course we share how graphic designers can tailor their work to our industry and what buyers are looking for when making purchasing decisions.

It’s clear that you are very passionate about patterns. What is it that makes patterns so interesting & appealing to you?

I love the balance of creativity and technicality when developing patterns. The first part of the process: the trend research and concept development, is very creative and there are ample opportunities to play with different artistic techniques and styles. The second part of the process: the repeat and file preparation, is more detailed and technically challenging, but also rewarding.

You are also offering everyone who takes this course 50% of their first month in the Textile Design Lab. Could you tell as a bit about what the Textile Design Lab is all about?

The Textile Design Lab is a membership site for textile designers at all levels. It’s stocked with video trainings, audio courses and PDF guides to help designers develop and grow their business and technical skills. We also have weekly art critiques, monthly webinars, guest expert trainings, and design challenges. Most importantly, our team of professional textile designers is there to answer questions about the industry and offer feedback on member work.

And that’s not all…


We’re not stopping there. We’re also offering a FULL REFUND of the cost of the course to the first 100 participants who apply & get accepted to the Textile Orbit after they have finished the course.

To help you develop a great work sample that you can apply with, check out the current task in the Textile Orbit here. Based on this brief, develop a pattern and submit it as your application to the Textile Orbit here. Plus, as soon as you’re accepted, you can submit your work sample as your first design!

Once you’re in, just send us your receipt to support(at) and we’ll refund you the whole cost of the course.

Further opportunities 

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As well as all this, after you have completed the course, PatternObserver are giving a 50% discount on your first month of membership in their Textile Design Lab. The Lab is a learning community where you can get the information, support and inspiration you need to succeed in textile design. Connect with like-minded artists and designers and learn everything you need from technical knowledge to business know-how and exclusive tips from guest experts.


– Complete the PatternObserver course for graphic designers

– Apply to the Textile Orbit here

– Send us your receipt to jovoto(at) for a FULL REFUND of the course costs

– Receive 50% discount when joining the Textile Design Lab


Note! This offer is only valid for creatives not already in the Textile Orbit. 

Orlaith Hendron

Orlaith is the social media and content trainee at



    Hi Orlaith, How I could apply to this if I bought this course a couple of days ago and I am part of the Textile Orbit-es already? Please, any feedback will be appreciated 🙂 With gratitude x

    Hey Gloria, great that you’re already doing the course…I think it will prove valuable. Unfortunately, this offer is aimed at people not already in the Textile Orbit, as we’re trying to get more top talent involved. How do you find the orbit so far? 🙂

    You’d still be eligible for the 50% discount on your first months membership to the PatternObserver design lab, however 🙂

    Waaah! Just what we need, more competition!

    J/K 🙂

    […] I’ve kept the price for this course low – only $4.97 – and it gets even better, Jovoto is offering a FULL REFUND of the cost of the course to the first 100 participants who apply & get accepted to the Textile Orbit after they have finished the course. How cool is that?! You can learn more about their refund policy here. […]

    The link to apply is broken, can’t submit my portfolio for consideration :(!