A Logo for Human Rights


Human Rights Logo Initiative

Dear community, these past weeks the jovoto team has had the opportunity to participate in setting up the most amazing and ambitious crowdsourcing challenge you could think of:
Together with an alliance of people from the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other states representatives, of human rights defenders and dedicated designers, we want to embark on a journey to find the one globally recognized symbol for human rights.

Did you know such a sign or logo does not yet exist?

In the past, well-known symbols such as the peace sign or the red ribbon have helped shape and unite social movements’ identities. Collective symbols do not only have the power to create a sense of community, but also have a very hands-on-function identifying what people stand for, for example in conflict situations, which can be a matter of life and death. (think “the Red Cross”). Is devising a symbol for human rights, recognized and accepted across all cultures and languages, possible? We believe this is an important discussion and crowdsourcing with community power is the right tool to do this.


jovoto’s role

Starting May 3rd people from all over the world are invited to submit their ideas for a globally recognized symbol for human rights on humanrightslogo.net. You, the jovoto community, will notice that the platform environment will look familiar to you. The challenge runs on jovoto infrastructure, and with our guidance. It is, however, not a jovoto challenge per se – there are many more people involved and this whole thing, in the end will be bigger than any of us (yes, really). The entire jovoto community is certainly invited to participate and we hope to encouter some familiar faces in that environment.


March 20: Twitter and Facebook accounts went online. Follow and friend us to help spread the message. We really need your help, only then will we have a chance to become global!
April 5: Today marks the day of the “soft launch” of the human rights logo initiative website and blog
May 3: submissions start on humanrightslogo.net, visit the page for all details!



    Wow awesome. Congrats to jovoto to be part of it.

    does this mean we’re phasing out the swastika?

    @teigan what does ‘phasing out’ mean?

    But it is a good question, one topic I already have in mind to blog about on humanrightslogo.net. When is a visual identity strengthening, when is it a tool of propaganda? where’s the line? Super exiting – I hope I can count on your comments, as always 😉

    i find all cultural icons confining. that’s my main criticism with graphic designers, since they are in an enviable position to add social commentary to the mix, and don’t. you’ll notice i intentionally hijacked and twisted well known cultural icons in your deaddrops contest. i find it liberating to use symbols out of sociopolitical context as a way of reclaiming them from the propoganda machines past and present.