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Hey there,

Before the big ITB extravaganza goforit was able to stop by the office and have a chat! It was a lovely meeting and here is an interview from her..

Tell us a bit about yourself, where are you from, what are you doing?

My name is Sophie, I´m 35, and I´m a freelance Designer from Bavaria, living and working near Nuernberg for Clients in different countries. Born in Transylvania with german and hungarian Origins. I live in Germany since my 5th year of birth, moved to Bavaria with 18.

I studied Communication Design in Nuernberg and started my own business 2005 with my Partner.

When I was 12 years old, my father brought me to visit the Atelier of his best friend, who is a great Illustrator and Artist – that was a really inspiring moment I´ll never forget: a place full of Creativity, a million Colours all over the floor and Paintings everywhere, a messy creative fascinating Atmosphere! Since then I felt encouraged to develop my talents and it was clear to me that I wanted to do something creative like that. Still I don´t have my own “messy” Atelier but the day will come 😀

Is there any special story behind your username?

“goforit” was the first phrase coming in my mind when I registered at jovoto. Guess it was kind of a spontaneous and positive intuition to chose those words as my username and in that moment it was a statement as well.

When designing where do you get your inspiration from?

That´s not an easy question to answer….

I think Inspiration is something really difficult to describe because it just hits you suddenly and seems to come from nowhere.

I find Inspiration in everyday life – a scentence I read in a book, a songs lyric or music that triggers a special mood in you, a Story somebody told you, Impressions from a flea market, good humour, the ugly (what I rather call special and interesting! ), the gang of sparrows I can see taking their everyday bird-bath when I look out of the window next to my workplace, nature in general.

I´m a fanatic Collector of all these little Episodes and Impressions and I draw from that pool when I need an idea. A part of Inspiration might be Intuition aswell – you just feel something or create pictures in your mind you just need to “translate” and put in practice.

How would you describe the creative scene in your hometown?

Well… here where I live and work there are only few Agencies which I would rather call adapted to a more unsophisticated customers reference. But there are many Freelance Designers and fine little Design Offices around my Region with a great creative flow. Especially in Nuernberg where I studied you can find a lot of Design Creativity, for example our University and Academy brought up some outstanding young talents in the fields of Animation, Media Design and Illustration Arts – some of them even made it to work for great international Film Projects for example. So yes, there is definitely a magnificent creative Design Scene, cool Artists and Photographers around here in Bavaria which is remarkable!

How did you find out about jovoto?

I´ve been looking for a Platform like this for quite a long time: where I could join interesting creative Projects from good Clients with an acceptable payment policy. Money is not my motor when I´m fascinated by doing something, but a Project must be worth investing working-time or even attractive enough that you invest a little more work than you maybe should. But I never found something like this until I read an Article about Collaboration in the Designers Magazine “page” where jovoto was mentioned.

And what are your favorite types of jobs?

When I started to study, I first was more focused on doing Illustrations because drawing and especially Portraits has always been my passion. But soon I switched to a more diversified study with Graphic Design, Mulimedia etc. ; a classical Advertiser 😉

My favorite type of jobs are those with a great liberty of action from Clients who trust me do the right thing and are open minded. I love print Projects and live a conceptional approach in my Design work when possible. And: I also love the brainstorm phase at the beginning of each new Project, when everything is possible!

Contrariwise I love about my autonomy in job is that I can allow myself the luxury to dismiss some Projects in case if I don´t feel comfortable with the product; just the same like at jovoto, where I can choose at which Contest I want to take part in. For example I don´t advertise meat products or fur clothing because this would be inconsistent with my attitudes.

Anything you want to share with the jovoto community?

1. have fun

2. act fair

3. have fun

Thanks so much for your very thoughtful interview goforit. And it was really a pleasure to meet you, thanks for your time!


Jess has been a Community Manager at jovoto since 2011. She enjoys getting to know community members from different parts of the globe, creating dialog and watching exciting ideas take shape on the platform.



    Hey Sophie! Nice to hear from you :-)! I know you as a very helpful and friendly person who helped me so many times and that not only on jovoto :-)! It’s so great to know you! And I alway love your work because when you work on something you make it with conviction and pleasure.

    Értékek Sophie!
    Magyar gyökerei?
    Nagyon szép, tetszik.

    Sehr schönes Interview! Herzlichen Glückwunsch auch nochmal von mir zu deinem Sieg! Hab den Bericht im Internet gelesen. Tolle Arbeit! Liebe Grüße Ramona 🙂

    Hi Sophie!!! I am pleased to read your answers! You have a beautiful pictures, and I would like to see more :). I just want to tell you thank you very much for your support and your letter – it really helped me change my opinion on some things!

    Hey Sophie 🙂

    I’ve got mad respect for you and your core values which we share for animals. I love your paintings and you’re a beautiful soul -full of passion. An excellent jovoto core member, it’s great to read about you. Thanks for letting us peek inside your world 🙂

    greetings Sophie!! I really like that paints, beautiful work! it’s nice to read about you, to know a bit more about the creative people of this platform! good luck from this tropical lands!

    Thank you all for your so nice comments!

    @Ruven: nice to know you too! wish you all the best with your new life, have fun in “D”!

    @Tobamin: no way, you´re hungarian? Your always good for a surprise… what´s next? köszi 😉

    @DENKdifferent: Danke für die netten Worte!

    @Elina: glad you like the pix! I left a too long period behind me now where I didn´t draw that much, but I missed it and am about to reactivate 🙂

    @Anna: dito! I´d love to hear more about your monkeys-project you mentioned earlier at Rene´s Interview! Can´t wait to hear where your username comes from, thinking about that since the very moment I saw it? 🙂

    @gusmonk: thank you so much! greetings back to Tropicana 🙂

    @Jess + the jovotos: thanks for the time you all found for us in Berlin, for lecker Cafe, for a nice and interesting afternoon in Berlin – it was a pleasure to meet you!

    Sehr schön! Sympathischer kreativer Mensch, und heeey, Du bist ja aus BAYERN =)

    Great to read something about you, Sophie and I like the way you discribed your sources of inspiration – sounds familiar. 😉

    @MSTR: Leider zu weit weg um Dir im Biergarten über´n Weg zu laufen ;-D
    Wünsch´ Dir trotzdem auch eine schöne Biersaison!

    @Janne: hey thanks! Just because you mention it: right now “our” sparrows are taking their bath pairwise 🙂 I should make a videoclip of them…

    Great to know more about you Sophie. I ´m also one of the helped by you (my german language skills still need to be improved ; ) ), it´s really nice to have you around here . I love your paintings : )

    Hey GO! just to answer your questions up above: I go to Louisiana on June 25 for a 3 month internship at Chimp Haven (132 chimps retired from medical testing labs) and here I will learn about creative enrichment and activities to keep them busy and happy. THey live in freedom on much land, a beautiful sanctuary. (

    and my name Anna Nuthathang is my old roller derby name! I came in on jovoto from the triple 8 helmet contest and fell in love with jovoto of course. So we have fun skate names to keep us anonymous…My name means like “take that!” or like “and one more thang!” it’s slang, for having attitude lol..getting older though. Germany has derby leagues and they are doing great. from stuggart and

    @flegido: thanks! To help each other to develop ideas on this platform is what I do see very often here on this platform and I experienced that myself some times.

    @Anna: wow, an Ex-Rollergirl, that´s wild! 🙂 Thanks for explaining the meaning of your name, that was quite interesting to hear about the meaning! May I ask why you quit? You fed up with being covered in bruises? ;-D
    Thanks for the link to the chimp site – that´s really something to invest your time and passion in such an important project and not only by supporting them but to assist and give them your physical manpower! Have my respect! Would be great to hear about your experiences later this year!! go for it…

    @Perro: Thanks a lot for Bowie man!!!!

    The first time you triggered my attention was with the “Ein Lichtlein brennt…” From that time i followed you and I must admit…….. you do a great job on jovoto. And about your paintings: awesome.

    GO! I snapped my ankle almost off the foot ! loaded with hardware metal now.. a bionic ankle now…so after 5 years it’s quit time. getting old need calcium lol 😀