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Dear jovoto Community,

You know we love to hear from you and learn about our community, so we’re back today with an interview of the one and only InDezign!

Although you haven’t been on the platform for so long, we can tell your on your way to be a seasoned platform professional! And we’re happy to have you here!

Tell us a bit about yourself, where are you from, what are you doing?

Hello, my name is Eric and I’m from Munich, Germany – well at least nearby. ;)?Currently I’m working as a freelance designer for different companies and apart from my regular work I’m developing my first own innovative products.?One of it is called „Ploppy“ – a bottle opener which eliminates the waste of crown caps, makes drinking from a bottle more hygienic and marks your own bottle – all in one.?Another one is called “CableClip” – a cable holder for mobiles (e.g. iPhone) which is so light and soft that it’s perfect for travel and even for the office.?After a lot of work and lots of prototypes both of them have finally reached mass production status but I‘m still searching for companies to get into production.?Most of my spare time I’m spending on Jovoto to contribute new ideas and comment on other ideas in those great contest


Is there any special story behind your username?

When I started working as a designer I was looking for a unique name which also has some relation to design.?But since most of the design names were already taken I decided to use the “z” instead of the “s” – to make it unique… although it sounds the same as if I was using an “s”.

How did you end up becoming an designer/architect?

Since being a young boy I was always inventing and creating new ideas.?One of my most successful ideas was a pretty crazy thing – a washing powder bowl for washing machines.?But as I was too young at that time my mother helped me to get this idea running and she even sold the idea to one of the famous washing powder companies.?Today, everyone knows this product which is nearly in any washing powder package.?That was the time I decided to keep working on innovative and new ideas… and that’s what I’m still doing.

When designing where do you usually get your inspiration from?

That’s quite different.?Sometimes I need to sit down and look or play around with a product.?But most of the time I get some sort of a “flash” – often at night, when I’m nearby falling asleep.?This is the time I have to get up, turn on my PC and work on the idea… well, mostly this ends at 3-4 a.m. 😉

How would you describe the creative scene in your hometown or where you live now?

Well, I’m living on the country side and actually, there’s no great creative scene around.?So, I often have to drive directly to Munich and see what’s happening there…?In Munich the creative scene is very popular and because I’ve also been working as head of computers on several TV shows in the early 90’s I still know lots of creative people from the movie and TV scene.

How did you find out about jovoto?

Well, the short story is: ?I was searching the web for crowd sourcing platforms and found jovoto as the major one – especially here in Europe. ??The long story (no worries – I’ll keep it short ;)): ?I began “social networking” (as it’s called nowadays) in 1999. ?Until 2005, me and my team managed the MSN Groups and MSN Spaces here in Germany for Microsoft. ?Five years ago I started to plan, create and manage a crowd sourcing platform for another very popular company here in Germany. ?We also consulted this company for at least 3-4 years in all kinds of questions around crowd sourcing and Social Media – until they were able to do it on their own. ?I’m still a big fan of crowd sourcing and wanted to continue and improve my design skills for new products and product ideas.?So, I was looking for possibilities and found Jovoto to be the best platform.?Today, I really love Jovoto – you are doing a fabulous job, I meet lots of great people with awesome skills here and finally… it’s a lot of fun!

And what are your favorite types of jobs?

I really LOVE any kind of design jobs where innovative aspects for new or existing products are needed.?One of my favorite jobs is also creating products for “every day” problems and creating different/new shapes for existing products.?To make it short…. jobs where I can contribute my creativity are the ones I like the most. 

Do you have anything cool that you’d like to share with us? A video or an article, your favorite artist/work?

Sure… I got several – besides my own work ;)??One site I really love (well, as you might already guess) is “Yanko Design”.?This page is soooo amazing and inspiring – I really love it completely.??Something completely different is “Kickstarter”.?I love to see people creating their own real products and how people manage to make their dream come alive.?For me this page is an awesome chance to get some great inspiration from.??Finally I also love everything about 3D printing.?This new area is so amazing and I’m so excited to see what’s happening there.?Just take a look at … it’s so interesting to see what is and will be possible.?Awesome… we are living in a time where people really talk about 3d printed human organs…

Is there anything you would like to tell your fellow jovotans?

Well, first of all I’d like to thank all jovotans for accepting and welcoming me this great when I was a new user in their community!? Secondly, I’m really happy to be here and having the opportunity to share my work with all of you – while others also do such a great work.?Thirdly, I’m having great conversations with most of the people here on jovoto – it’s lots of fun and also an amazing feeling to win!?Well and finally… let’s rock the contests and show the clients, what we are capable of. 😉

Thanks InDezign!! Some really lovely words and motivation. Let’s rock it!


Jess has been a Community Manager at jovoto since 2011. She enjoys getting to know community members from different parts of the globe, creating dialog and watching exciting ideas take shape on the platform.



    Thanks so much, Jovoto, Jess and the whole team for this opportunity!
    Happy to be here and I really enjoy it – keep up your great work!!!!!! 🙂

    Hey Eric. Thanks for this great interview. Nice to know more about you. And as the inventor of the washing powder bowl, I´m honored to know you. (I use it myself 🙂 Btw I like your amazing rendering skills.

    Hey Bert, you’re welcome – and it’s my honor to know you and all the others here!
    Keep on rockin’ 😉

    It’s really great to know a little bit about you, all my respect and admiration for your work dear Eric, is always a pleasure to get some views and feedback from someone as professional as you.

    Hi sophD… *blush*
    This is toooo kind by you… but may I give the compliments back to you?
    Best from sunny Munich to Mexico! 🙂

    Hey! Nice to read more about you! 🙂

    Thanks, Mikar… good to know 🙂

    Hi Eric! It’s so wonderful to know your name!=) You amazingly creative men. I’m glad to know more about you! Good luck with your ideas! I’m sure you will do it!=)

    Hi Elina… I know, I’m rather known as InDezign… 😉
    Thanks so much for your kind words and happy you liked what you read.
    Good luck also to you and your ideas!

    It is a great pleasure to know you and your wonderful work, InDezign!
    Good luck!

    Great to know more about you Eric ; )

    Thanks a lot for your kind words, flegido! CU soon here on Jovoto 🙂


    @Leonard Lee Kah Khiong:
    Ooopsss…. must have missed your comment somehow.
    Hope you don’t mind 😉
    Many many thanks and best of luck also to you!

    You are too kind… *blush* 😉
    Many thanks and sure, let’s all rock this place 😀