jovotoan adventures featured by Greenpeace!



you remember the special prize for the “Creativity for the Energy Revolution” contest? Yeah, right, a trip in Greenpeace’s legendary rubber boat! Well well well, last weekend mariagroenlund, hellotommy and dahu were the lucky (and brave!) ones to take the plunge. As far as I can tell from their feedback, it was an overwhelming experience – and they got to feel like real Greenpeace heros…


So not only the 3 hour boat trip on a sunny afternoon, but also the insight into the organization, the stop at the curry sausage snack bar and Greenpeace’s press officer Ortrun Sadik’s amazing hospitality (she hosted Maria, her husband and Thommy at her own house) added up to a unique experience. But why am I talking here? I just let you enjoy Maria’s feedback as much as I enjoyed reading how much fun they had!

“It was beyond all expectations!

We started out meeting Ortrun, Benny (working with web communication) and Daniel (campaigner)  from Greenpeace at a cosy portuguese restaurant  and got some delicious food. It was a double up great experience both meeting the Greenpeace people and two other jovotoans!

Niklas, Thommy and I were very courious about how it is to work for Greenpeace and getting an insight in the organization. And we also had so many question to ask each other related to jovoto and our creative work! Thommy’s friend Sandra joined us. She has been working at the same office as Thommy and now she’s working for Greenpeace. After dinner we went to a bar till 1.30. Seems we had a lot to talk about!

Sunday we got the grand tour at Greenpeace. We got a very thorough insight in how Greenpeace is organized, how they work, how they train their activists. The weather was beautiful and perfect for a rubber board ride! A bit cold though, but nothing compaired to participating in a Greenpeace action of course! I think the ride was more than 3 hours. Sailing along the city we had the chance seeing a lot of beautiful architecture. Niklas and Max where steeiring the board some of the way. Thommy and I refused. It was a powerful board! When our Greenpeace guide was steering the speed was up to 80 km per hour I think, so it was a windy ride although the weather was almost windless.

We ended the day in the kitchen at Greenpeace’s place being interviewed by Ortrun for their webpage. Ortrun was a very kind and thougthful hostess taking care of everything from the moment we arrived till the last minute! The very warm and personal welcome we got was really touching!

I’m so grateful I got the invitation! Thanks jovoto!”




    What a truly GREAT opportunity. You three are so lucky! 🙂 so cooooool………

    AWESOME 10*

    Now, this isn’t a contest plantetboom! But yes for sure it was a ten stars experience 😉 !

    oh yes that true. at least 10* I guess. Thax a lot again to grenpeace and jovoto.

    @anna: there is a good way to get into the boatriding business: you can join greenpeace and get trained in boatdriving. Only difference could be your not enjoying only good-weather cruises (-;

    Nice, i wish i would be there there 🙁