jovotoans worldwide – Cipmann a.k.a. Nina and Martina


So there’s two of you? Who are you guys – tell us a little bit about yourselves

Despite the name, we’re girls. Nina (mann part) is a communication graphic designer and Martina (cip part) is an English/Croatian teacher working as a copywriter. We met in an agency where Nina works as a designer and Martina worked as a copywriter. Even though we’re completely different, physically and style-wise, we clicked straight away, completing each other’s ideas as if we’ve been partners for decades. Since then, for best results, our creative process requires both of our brains. We simply can’t think properly without each other any more.

Your claim really caught my eye… What does it mean? “2 minds, little frustration, 1 book, 1 rabbit, loads of fun…. Repeat as often as possible.”

Well, those are actually ingredients that were crucial for the beginning of Cipmann. Little frustration at the agency was a kick in the butt to start doing something we were actually proud of and not settle for average. Martina was reading Gladwell’s Outliers at the moment which inspired us further, and Nina’s rabbit Lola was always there for support (you could say she was our therapist). No matter what we did, we were having loads of fun and realized we want to do it again and again. This recipe actually changed our mode from dreaming to acting on it. Now, we’re on our way to setting up a company.

Croatia is so beautiful – is that also true for Rijeka? If so, how do you get things done?

Rijeka is a coastal city, and what’s worse, within an hour you can be anywhere you want: biking through the forests, sunbathing on an island, scuba diving, skiing in the winter, shopping in Italy, exploring medieval towns, stuffing yourself with some excellent food,… Getting things done? Weeell, we stay away from windows because every window has a tempting view of the Adriatic. Out of sight, out of mind 🙂

Where do you get your inspiration from? Do you have an example of what you find inspiring?

We get inspiration from all over the place, mostly outside the field of design. As cheesy as it may sound, we find inspiration in life. The more things we experience the more open our minds are. We like to think of ourselves as sponges, soaking up everything we can while reading, biking, watching films, traveling, meeting and talking to people, listening to music, drinking a cup of coffee, walking down the street or just sleeping….and this is the charm of design, you never stop learning and discovering.

Do you have some work of yours to share?

Bela nedeja is a wine and old crafts festival with a very long tradition (more than 600 years). Even though it started as a wine festival, it has grown into much more; it’s a mixture of fair, old crafts festival, wine, culture, architecture, people, books,… It is a never-ending story with a new chapter each year, hence the tag line: ‘Always a different story’. All these story elements are pouring out from ‘bukaleta’, a traditional wine jug.

Bela nedeja by cipman

Bela nedeja by Cipmann

The goal of the Big Bang project was to present the heavy-information text in a way that enables better understanding of the content. The format gives possibility to find different information quickly and simultaneously compare them without the need to flip the pages.

Big Bang by Cipman

Big Bang by Cipmann

GLB project was based on the task to attract younger audience to purchase simple cotton undergarments made by a local company. Our idea was to create a unique language of symbols to communicate the brand, from size and type of the product, to an additional lifestyle info. Unfortunately, as it sometimes happen, the project wasn’t realized.

GLB by Cipman

GLB by Cipmann

What brought you to jovoto, and what’s your first impression?

We wanted to find projects that would challenge our creative thinking in the way that it meets not only client’s standards, but also our own. We stumbled upon Jovoto by accident, in fact, Nina’s dad found the DB contest and showed it to us. It was love at first sight! It’s a great platform with more than enough projects from different creative fields and the feedback aspect is extremely useful. We only wish there would be more of constructive critique, since it’s something that pushes you forward, and great thing about Jovoto is that you get to hear objective opinions from outside your culture.



    Hey, great to hear something about you two! Really love your style. Good to have you here. ;o)

    Cool! nice to meet you both!

    thank you, guys. we’re so happy we’ve found this place.

    🙂 good to know you better, nina + martina + lola 🙂

    Very exciting to hear about how you work and get your inspiration 🙂