jovotoans worldwide – PStouter a.k.a. Patty Stouter

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This week we introduce Patti Stouter – Patti came ‘out of the blue’ and inspired the whole $300 house crowd to that extent that she won the community prize (see pix of her winning idea below)… but you will see that not only her ideas but also her personality is quite inspiring. Enjoy!

Tell us a little bit about yourself, anything you want to share?

I tend to have ideas that get me really excited but aren’t what most people think or care about. I’m so glad to share some of my excitement about building innovation for the poor with other people through jovoto! And if we can pool our energy to work  out some new techniques that will be tremendous (because testing out ideas takes forever alone!). It’s great to get to know the special crowd in the $300 house contest.

How did you find out about jovoto, and what was your first impression?

I only heard because Owen Geiger emailed me saying: enter it with this project we talked about. That got me started thinking. My first impression was ‘wow, look how the internet can get people together on this’. And I said to myself, these are a lot of well-thought out ideas. I was impressed with the people who had real experience working overseas on housing.

When designing where do you get your inspiration from?

My best inspiration comes from getting a glimpse of how people in different cultures like to shape their spaces and where they spend their time. For material innovation, I just mull things over for months, letting a concept simmer because I’m too stubborn to just admit it’s not possible.

Can you describe the creative scene in your city?

My city has a few artists who encourage me in terms of beauty and using my creativity, but builders for aid and in earth are non-existing!

And what are your favorite types of jobs/challenges, do you have an example for us?

I’ve enjoyed work for a non-profit in Gonaives, Ayiti called Haiti Christian Development Project. Since I lived for a week with some of them I care about them. The best was being able to work out layout plans with them, getting enough feedback from these Haitians to improve the ideas. Right now I’m working on an improvement to a dorm plan for them based on some new structural information.

Anything you want to tell the community?

If God has made you someone who cares about others in an unusual way, pursue it. It’s good for us to use our talents. And if we do whatever work we can do for others, it may mean the difference between hope and despair for one family somewhere.