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Some questions have risen up in jovoto about micro-communities and voting behaviors in the community. We have been reading the thread and we want to answer these questions for everyone in this blog post.

How to to give stars?
jovoto’s rating system works like this: 2,5 stars (5 points) are neutral ratings. The more you like an idea, the more stars you should give. Else wise: the less you like it, the less stars you should give. Don’t forget to comment on an idea you have voted to help the user either to improve his idea or to make him proud of it. If you give no stars, you don’t rate and the idea will get the average count of the contest. Every idea starts with the average count in the contest.
All ratings are updated every morning at 8am. If you want more information you can find it here.

Are there micro-communities in
Yes, there are micro-communities, like in any other on-line and off-line community. The biggest user groups are from Barcelona and from Berlin. This is dew to an obvious cause: jovoto’s founders are from these two cities and most of our first PR activities have been done in them. Creatives recommend other creatives to visit the platform and they also become members of the community. According to this fact, they rebuild their friendships in the platform – this is normal human behavior. We can identify them very easily – through the invitations, their fan-ships and their rating behaviors– and if we see any inappropriate voting behavior, we normally contact them personally and recommend them to vote in a fair way.

Sometimes the winning ideas are not the ones which a professional jury would have chosen.
Yes, it is also true. The winners in the contests depend on the community’s decision, not a professional jury’s decision. That’s what’s great about jovoto. It’s up to the community to decide. This decision is taken democratically, based on the community ratings. And this “community idea” is jovoto’s core idea. jovoto was created to offer young creatives the opportunity to show of with their work, to learn from other community members, to work for big brands in real projects and, in the end, to win some money in a fair way.

In the end: it’s your community.
jovoto’s team only supervises and reviews the whole process to make it fair and fun for the community members. The ratings of jovoto’s team members don’t count at all, they just guide and inform about what we like –you know, we are creatives as well and we love design!

Please remember! The only thing that makes this process fair and fun is that you – every community member – votes as many times as possible, so that the decision is taken democratically; beyond any micro-community. The more you vote, the more democratic the result will be. So it’s up to you to make this system fair.

Our effort is to help the community to grow and get interesting clients for you in the platform. If you have any further questions, please send us feedback or please contact us via e-mail: contact (at) jovoto (dot) com.


Jess has been a Community Manager at jovoto since 2011. She enjoys getting to know community members from different parts of the globe, creating dialog and watching exciting ideas take shape on the platform.



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