Enable Sessions: Join live ideation for jovoto contests


We’re partnering with Enable Berlin to invite you to generate ideas live, in a transparent and collaborative process.


Enable Berlin meets every second Wednesday downstairs at Open Design City. At an Enable Workshops, design thinking and collaborative methodologies are applied to solve challenges, together.

Rrecently, Enable has picked some jovoto tasks as the topic of their choice. Because we thrilled by this initiative, we support Enable Sessions with snacks, drinks and materials (if needed).

Participation is free. Sessions are in English and German. The next session is this Wednesday, Dec. 1st. Details below.

All sessions are documented, so even if you cannot participate live, you will be able to learn and get inspired by the ideas that were generated once the video is up.

The Last Session: Life.Edited

To give you an idea of what happens during these workshops, have a look at the video documentation of the last session, on future housing, inspired by the jovoto Life.Edited Contest.

Enable VIII – Designing Future Housing from Enable Berlin on Vimeo.

The Next Session: Child Rights

The upcoming session is dedicated to the Issue of Child Rights and corresponds to UNICEF’s “Kinderrechte dürfen kein Fremdwort sein!/Children’s rights shouldn’t be a foreign word!” challenge hosted on jovoto.

Start: 7.30pm. Location: ODC, betahaus, Prinzessinenstraße 19-20.

You will be introduced to the task, and will work together to explore which words connected to Child Rights are the most “sticky”. In the second part of the session, we will explore ways to transform the words and definitions into campaign ideas that have the power to spread the relevance and awareness of Child Rights, virally.

You’re welcome to take any of the insights generated during an Enable Session and turn them into your own, unique submission on jovoto. (Mention that the idea originated at Enable Berlin in your idea description) Should you win something with an idea that originated at the Enable Session, you’re asked to share a part of the prize money back with the other enablers (Details on how to share will be discussed beforhand).

f you want to join a session, register with pedro.p@wecreativepeople.com so they can estimate the size of the group.



    please discuss why my entry BOMB was so disgusting and provocative that it was removed from the Childs Rights competition without my permission – IT WILL BE INTERESTING TO CONTESTANTS WHAT YOUR DESIGN LIMITATIONS ARE AND WHAT WILL BE CENSORED without giving any reasons – censorship is the anthesis of design – and Jovoto is such a wonderful vehicle to stimulate design and invention – any kind of stifle is damaging to the design invention process.

    Makes me curious.