Meet Ryla, jovoto’s newest Creative Guide

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Hi Fellow Creatives,

My name is Ryla and I’m exciting to be your creative guide for the Next Gen ATM crowdstorm on jovoto! I am a freelance designer living in Berlin for a year and a half, and at the moment, my main project involves finalising working drawings for the upcoming Humbolt Forum exhibitions at the Berliner Schloss, which will be exciting to see come to life over the next few years.

My background ranges from the fields of art and product design to interior architecture. Going back a few years, my final high school visual arts portfolio was selected for exhibition at the University of Western Australia in Perth, Australia. After this, I spent a year in a college, workshop-based course in industrial design, where the groundwork was laid for learning about materials and construction processes. I then began my interior design studies, first at the conceptually-based Royal Melbourne Institute of technology and then at the Ryerson School of Interior Design, where I graduated in 2014.


One of my main learning experiences thus far has come from two years of intensive, hands-on work at world-renowned hospitality design firm Yabu Pushelberg in Toronto. At YP, I worked from concept to execution on large international projects, including the Miami Beach Edition Hotel and Rosewood Guangzhou Hotel, as well as a number of private residences. Some of my responsibilities while at YP included selecting concept images, creating renderings, constructing working drawing packages, including detail and furniture drawings, creating specifications and picking out furniture and architectural finishes. Basically, the whole lot!

Aside from my professional work experience, I have honed in on combining my love for design and art in the form of events, installations and exhibitions. My personal projects have included „Hanging Matters“ at Come Up To My Room during Design Week in Toronto in 2014 and „Wurst mit Hummus“ (ongoing) in Berlin.


I’m grateful for each of these experiences, which have taught me many perspectives to creative problem solving, from theories of spatial design, down to the nitty-gritty of detailing. What I find
myself continually being drawn to is the human experience at the 1:1 scale, which bridges all of these approaches. Ultimately, people are the reason we design!


Some interesting things about me include my two gold medals and one bronze medal as an “Under 17” at the Australian National Cycling Championships, one being an Australian record. I’m half jealous of some of my old training colleagues who’ve made it to the Tour de France and the Olympics! But boy, it is hard work (the not half jealous part).

From a young age, I’ve also grown up traveling the world, with my family moving from continent to continent, resulting in a number of years living in Canada, Belgium, Botswana, Australia and now, Germany. These moves, although sometimes tough, gave me an ability to connect with all types of people, a love for languages – which at the moment include English, French (at a rusty fluent level) and German(at an intermediate level) – and a quest to discover new stories.

With that, I turn to you and look forward to discovering your own design stories. I can’t wait to start working on your ideas with you!