New Prize Distribution and More Awards to Win

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A few months ago we asked you for your suggestions on how to improve jovoto. You may remember the blog post explaining the beginning of this exciting journey: Future Plans for the Rating System.

Today I’m happy to announce the first milestone, based on your feedback and suggestions- we will test a new Community Prizes structure and distribution in the project Simplify Energy Measurement.

The distribution between Community Prizes and Client’s Choice Awards has changed, weighing heavily towards the Client’s Choice Award. In addition to the adjustment in distribution, we are also adding 2 new prizes. Our goal is to reward as many people as possible for their hard work and for their positive community behaviour.

Here’s what you need to know about the prize distribution and the new awards:

  • More Client’s Choice Awards & More Community Prizes

Three points from your feedback clearly stood out to us:

1. Community Prizes are part of the jovoto DNA, and part of what makes our community unique. On the other hand

2. They cause a lot of frustration when first rank winners win big and the rest miss out.

3. It’s very important for you to see what the client likes and to earn rewards based on the client’s opinion.

So how are we attempting to solve this? We spread out the cash for Community Prizes (smaller prizes but more ranks) and added 3 Client’s Choice Awards, each for €3000.

  • Fairest Rater Award

The community prizes are the outcome of the collaborative opinion of our community, and it is based on your ratings. We want to reward fair rating behaviour and the community members who work hard to make this platform and fair and objective place.

How do we decide on the fairest rater? After the project guide has evaluated all ratings in a project- during the monitoring phase, the creative whose ratings are the closest to the collaborative opinion of the community will be rewarded €200.

  • The jovoto Newcomer Award

And last but not least, being new somewhere can be hard, so we want to make it a little easier for you to get started. To encourage you to jump in with your first ideas, we want to award fresh talent on the platform.

How do we decide who wins? The creative who has signed up in the past three months, submitted their first idea and gets the highest community rank, (and does not win another prize in the project) will be rewarded with the jovoto Newcomer Award and €200.

PS: You must verify your ID to have the chance to win.

  • Collaboration & Feedback Awards in full effect

Our team has been working hard to create the fairest platform for you, so you can connect with top clients and other talented creatives around the globe. Some of the developments within our growing team aren’t always visible “on-platform” per se, but we are happy when we can actualise your feedback and present changes like these. This is a test run though and we are looking forward to your feedback. Feel free to write here or on our discussion board.

However, it doesn’t stop here. We are continuing to dig deeper and examine your feedback and more ways we can develop the platform. We’ll keep you updated on our journey, but until the next milestone- tell us what you think!

**If you don’t have access to the project to check out the prizes yourself, apply to the jovoto private layer on your profile page now by clicking on Get access.**


Jess has been a Community Manager at jovoto since 2011. She enjoys getting to know community members from different parts of the globe, creating dialog and watching exciting ideas take shape on the platform.