New Year – new features

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As already mentioned in the last newsletter, this post is about the features we deployed on on the 19th of January.
Many of those features where prepared in December ’08 and we had to postpone their deployment because of Christmas and the holidays. Since the beginning of the new year we worked a lot to implement all the changes ad we are happy that we can now present the jovoto platform with all these improvements.

Here is the list:

1. New Form Design
The main change was the re-design of all the forms throughout the platform and the integration of more tool tips to improve usability.

2. Submit Work Example
We were thrilled by the submissions in the For Glory contest and we really had to think about what to do with all these nice submissions. Each community member should have the possibility to show his creative talent to all the others. So we decided to develop the portfolio as an extension of the user profile. From now on every member of the jovoto community has the possibility to upload work examples to his/her portfolio. When entering your own profile, you see a button “Submit work example”. This button redirects you to the special portfolio upload form.


3. Sets
Some user profiles were growing very big with many ideas in different contests. To cluster all the nice ideas we decided to create sets for own ideas, the portfolio and for loved and bashed ideas.

sets in user profile

4. Email Notification
By changing the profile settings, every user can now decide if he wants to be notified via email about different events inside of jovoto.

Notification settings in userprofile

5. Additional Information
Sometimes not only one person takes part in the creation process of an idea. Within the new box “Additional Information” from now on it is possible to add co-workers, which helped creating the submitted idea. Further on this box contains an area for adding tags to every idea. To help the users choosing tags, we integrated a list of the 10 most popular tags. Last but not least the date of creation can be set for each submission.

additional information area in uplod form

6. Twitter
The twitter feature allows every user to send every idea to his own Twitter account. This helps you to tell your friends what’s going on inside of jovoto. In the portfolio and in the most contests this feature is enabled. It’s very easy to use – you simply click on the Twitter button below any idea and you are redirected to a page where you have to login directly into your twitter account. After you have logged in, you see a prepared tweet. This tweet contains a link to the submission you want to tell your Twitter followers about. You can also add some text to complete your tweet.

idea tweet
By the way – if you follow jovoto on twitter, you will get much more news from inside jovoto.

7. Facebook
If you like an idea and you have a facebook account, you can post a link to this idea as a message in your personal facebook wall. In addition to the twitter feature a small image of the idea will be integrated in the facebook message. With this feature you can tell your facebook freinds about the ideas you like on jovoto.

facebook message
According to this fact we mention, that you can connect with jovoto about the jovoto page on facebook.

8. New icons in user profile
during the rework of the user profiles, Arturo created new icons for the profiles.

The next improvements and new features are already in the pipeline, waiting to be deployed.  Stay tuned!


Jess has been a Community Manager at jovoto since 2011. She enjoys getting to know community members from different parts of the globe, creating dialog and watching exciting ideas take shape on the platform.