Community & Jury Winners – Dining Outdoors!


Hello jovotans!

We’ve already congratulated you for doing such a good job and really picking up momentum in the last half of the garden unique Dining Outdoors project, but let’s do it again!


There are so many super submissions and with 284 ideas in total, you did a really great job designing furniture and the products to create a truly unique outdoor dining experience.

Last Friday a conference call was held between all Jury members and although it was tough, a decision was made for the 3 Jury Winners as well as 7 Honorable Mentions. The three Jury Winners will have their ideas prototyped and displayed at the spoga + gafa.

Now that the project officially closed today, let’s see what we’ve been waiting for, who won the Jury & Community Prizes!

Jury Winners

1. Canorta by retogni

2. LINEA by Marco_Gottardi

3. Flaschenkühler und Flaschenständer by MMDesign

Honorable Mentions

Community Winners

1. I’m an alien by additio

2. Compact & Comfortable by Pleata

3. A charcoal barbecue for any ground surface by jayno

See the rest of the Community Winners and all submissions here!

Well, that’s a wrap for now! We’ll keep you updated with any news from the spoga + gafa but until then, it was my pleasure to work with you guys on this one. Well done and thanks for all your help & participation!



Jess has been a Community Manager at jovoto since 2011. She enjoys getting to know community members from different parts of the globe, creating dialog and watching exciting ideas take shape on the platform.



    Okay I’m a little surprised by the jury choice hehe anyhow gratz again to all the winners

    Congrats to the winners !!


    Congrats to all winners! I’m a bit surprised by the jury choice too.

    the same with the jury choice here….anyway… funny contest, and very nice ideas of everyone!

    Congratulations to the jury, because they chose the three projects most of all express a unique dining outdoor experience and most of all express the luxury aspect!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Big surprise! Congrats!

    I don`t know if the Jury read the Briefing…..
    … also 1 comment from Jess says:
    “-Be exclusive!
    garden unique is a fair for exclusive garden furniture. Does your design reflect this fact? If you could get a similar object in the Baumarkt nextdoor, it is probably not exclusive enough for the target group. ”
    I don`see it in the Jurys choice…..

    The exclusive exhibitors from GARDEN UNIQUE will be overwhelmed by the decision of the jury – it realy shows the future of outdoor furniture from the perspective of the jury – Technical innovation – great design and last but not least – great choice of material – These jurors show the furniture manufacturers really the way in the future.

    For my part, I have NEVER seen such great furniture and great design – the selection of the jury shows the high level knowledge about the buyer of outdoor furniture.

    This great selection of furniture will revolutionize the entire market and the exclusive furniture manufacturers are faced with new challenges. I think many furniture collections will be scrapped because of this NEW selected designs.


    Nice ironic comment from MOCKI and loana 😉
    I really not begrudge the jury winners their win for their solid work!!!, but for me it looks like that they only want to realize cheap prototypes. The decisions are contrary to the brief!
    I would be interested in the arguments for their desision. This should generally be a part of a transparent process in contests with jury involvement.

    Without discrediting the jury winners work , it also seems to me that they choose easy to make prototypes and I´m a little dissapointed by the fact that innovation was not awarded. Imo, just a couple of the mentions chosen by the jury try to open new paths for an “unique dinning outdoors experience”

    Wow, I´m pretty surprised aswell…
    But Congrats to all Community Winners and all those great not awarded Designs – it enjoyed very much browsing through so many amazing ideas and stunning designs! It´s a pity that not all of my favorites can be prototyped… some of you should really go for it to introduce and sell their work !!!

    As I wrote under the garden unique Dining Outdoors briefing, “we reached out to the Jury and they will give more feedback on why they chose these ideas. But for now, it’s totally unfair to be bashing a professional Jurys decision just because you don’t agree.”

    the sense of this will be jugded by the producers who take up these ideas. good luck for them to market these incredible designs!