Half-time feedback "connecting me with all"


Feedback time! The contest “connecting me and all” from Lindner Hotels & Resorts and DREISECHSNULL is running for 3 weeks now, and it’s going great! In case you didn’t notice the contest yet, you can find it here. The task is to Develop exciting ideas to connect guests visiting the new “me and all hotels”.  So on with the feedback!

There are loads of high quality ideas. It’s great to see so many detailed and well developed ideas in the contest already. We reviewed the start of the contest together with the clients and here’s their feedback.

  • First of all the clients are also really happy with level of quality in the contest. The depth of elaborateness is astonishing and very impressive.
  • They would like to encourage you guys to also submit ideas that perhaps aren’t fully developed yet. There’s plenty of time left, and together with the community feedback you can develop your ideas over the next weeks.
  • Try to think in an even more broad and out-of-the-box way. Which features that are perhaps less common technologies at the moment but would help fulfilling the questions from the briefing?
  • And an other general suggestion – describe your ideas in ENGLISH please so as many people as possible can take part in the discussion about them!

And to make the deal eve sweeter, Lindner added another bonus! The three jury winners will be awarded with passes to the ITB Berlin, the World’s Leading Travel Trade Show, in 2012.

Keep up good work!

Jeroen van Boxtel
Jeroen van Boxtel

Jeroen von Boxtel is a Community Manager at jovoto.



    Good Feedback, I really like that the Jury is Commenting I would love to see More feedback like this 🙂 Lets have a look for some out of the box stuff during the xmas time 🙂

    really great. i only can agree with Rene, it’s fantastic that the client also directly comment the ideas. so you have a much better imagination of what the client want.

    That’s the spirit!