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Yasuní rain forest needs your help

This Open Zone is brought to you by our Community friend Xavier from Ecuador. As you may know, Ecuador is home to some of the last remaining intact rain forests of the world. The Yasuní rain forest is now in danger. An enormous oil field was discovered underneath, leaving the government of Ecuador in a dilemma. On one hand, not to extract oil and let Ecuador profit from the wealth would be foolish. On the other, Yasuní’s wealth is equally important to the Ecuadorians, and the rest of the world!

Xavier needs ideas how to convince his government to keep believing in Yasuní and to postpone oil extraction until a solution os found. Sign up here to join, if you’re not already a jovoto member!

Video message from Xavier

Xavier is still working on recording a video message for you – hang in there and you will hear from him on Monday!

Video explaining the unique Yasuní-Itt proposal



    Nadine Freischlad

    Hey ho, guess what people?? This one will be special – we’re working for a cause one of our community members is really passionate about. Give Xavier your ideas – so he has something to present to the government in his upcoming meetings to save Yasuní.. I can’t wait – and I’m wearing my indigenous-tribes-costume as long as this contest is up and running! *wink*

    Xavier your government you will hear from us!

    Yes!! Amazing task!! Extremely difficult, but we´ll make it. I´ll follow this closely and share any idea that comes into my mind. Now i put my indigenous-tribes-costume on, too!

    Hellooooooo!!! YES!!! This one it’s really special!!! Mother Earth at Yasuní-ITT needs our help!!!
    And we gotta HURRY!!! She have empowered ourselves to create our idea worderful and best idea ever!!! A project that will have to stands for the rest of the life for coming generations!!!
    WE HAVE TO SAVE-ITT!!! I’m preparing my face indigenous tribe paintings and costume!!!
    YES BERT!!! Ecuadorian goverment will hear from us!!! Let’s do it!!! Thank you so much for your support!!! It’s just amazing!!!
    Indeed it’s a really difficult task, but I think our love and creativity together will arise to SAVE-ITT!!! a you say dear Jesko!!! let’s make of this the best huge idea team ever!!!
    For me, jovoto community has the best enlighted creative minds, skills, thoughts, concepts, idea in the whole world!!! You guys are a GENIOUS!!! All the ones that are behind all the platform that makes this happens and his members will make this world of ideas transcend to a step ever thought before!!! You are a really inspiration to keep working to improve people’s life with our creative work in life!!! You are the best!!! thank you so much for your support NADINE, BERT & JESKO!!! LET’S SAVE-ITT!!!

    so ecuador is threatening to sell out its natural resources in exchange for big money? let them do it. it worked so well for them the last time with texaco; they happily took the money and soon lost it all. ecuador squandered its own wealth and mismanaged finances seeking short cuts to industrial growth. it doesn’t cost 3.6 billlion dollars to maintain the rain forest. and ecuador has the luxury of a bloated military force. in 2009 the military budget was $950 million. why can’t some of those soldiers protect and maintain the rain forest?

    it makes jovoto look ridiculous getting misled by trendy “green” whitewash and losing sight of the obvious. this is extortion masquerading as a good cause. there are far more deserving people of charity including other rainforest nations.

    USA with his Chevron Corporation have contaminated the Ecuadorian Amazon killing local tribe people and the environment by their oil extracting activities.

    They have abused and did one of the most horrible impact ever done by International Corporations(humans) in the Ecuadorian Amazon Forest. There’s a big fight with international justice about this issue and it’s not a joke; you have to see the children sickness because of this. We need solutions not problems. Be smart!


    You are not well informed!!! You are a media puppet!!! You believe in everything you read from wrong medias!!! jovoto it’s looking like a great support!!! Today I had a really important meeting!!! All the people get AMAZED of how jovoto it’s an outstanding creative community!!!

    La ignorancia es atrevía broder, ponte pilas para que puedas ayudar en vez de seguir contaminando toda la comunidad con tus comentarios negativos!!! Estás desperdiciando energías que no son necesarias!!! Se parte de la solución y no del problema!!! Despierta gringo!!!

    no chevron did not do the contamination. it was texaco. check your facts. and your own government made the deals and took the money which caused the contamination. your country continues to accept money from the american government as well as corporations. nobody forced you to sign a deal with the devil. you go along willingly and are responsible for your own suffering.

    You are talking about the past!!! Texaco and Chevron it’s just the same!!!
    They just change the name!!! The devil stills the same!!! 😉
    And we are not dealing with them anymore!!! Fajardo Lawyer it’s dealing with that issue!!!
    We are here doing our best humble effort as a common human been that cares about the nature and the coming generations… we just want to help!!!

    no it is not the same. chevron only recently bought texaco. which is what makes ecuador’s demands even more ludicrous. your country knew the risks when they accepted billions of dollars. they also accepted a settlement from texaco after the accident. they do not deserve any further compensation. every business venture has known risks, and all participants take equal responsibility for success or failure. this is not my determination. the international courts have already made a judgement against ecuador’s attempt to again exploit the situation. and how can you claim ecuador is no longer dealing with oil companies, when that is exactly what they are threatening to do again if they don’t get our money?

    You are a really smart guy!!!
    You now the truth behind everything, especially Latin American issues!!!

    this is common knowledge and recent news. what’s surprising is you pretend to know nothing about your own country. ecuador times reported in march that the yasuni don’t support president correa and he’s been accused of plotting genocide against indigenous peoples. the true reason your government made the save-itt gesture is because CONAIE is pressuring them with the lawsuit:

    Today Pachakutik Party and the Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities of Ecuador (CONAIE) filed a lawsuit against the Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa, for allegedly operating permit for oil exploration in “ancestral” territories of isolated villages in the Ecuadorian Amazon.

    Indigenous leaders personally presented their sue to the General Attorney. The sue address not only to Correa, but nearly 30 current and former officials of his government.

    Through a press conference, representatives of CONAIE and Pachakutik explained that what they seek is to prevent the genocide of the tribes and Taromenane Tagaeri, which live in a vast Amazon area neighboring Peru. These are one of the fewest human groups who still exist on the planet. The study offers as evidence several skirmishes with settlers, violent deaths and physical health signs, according to the plaintiffs.

    Pachakutik and Conaie argue that in addition to violating these territories, the Government has set an environmental management plan for the exploitation of Yasuni ITT.

    Yey… You are a MassMedia man… That’s great… Believe so if you want…
    I’m working for nature!!! for the planet!!! for coming generations!!!

    Just know that Pachakutik, and CONAIE are from the “against side”, bought by the richest and corrupt people from my country… most of them are just sheeps… not leaders… they do not represent the biggest part of our tribes, indigenous comunities or ancestrals culture…
    Most of them are just puppets of the politics and corrupt people… You should come to Ecuador and make a great research about it and you will SEE what’s going on… You will be a really great tool to discover who’s behind all this corrupt people… That’s why we are asking your help!!! Help us!!! Don’t jugde that past or what you see at the medias for those issues, we are not part of that!!! Most of the big corporations manage the world and are always changing the reality for the people to believe what is not true!!!

    you keep changing your story. even jovoto isn’t gullible enough not to see you for what you are now. nobody will ever trust you again. plus you have done more damage to your country’s reputation with your stupid replys than any mass media detractor could ever do.

    Yes… whatever you want!!!
    I’m just working for helping nature!!! For the planet!!! and For coming generations!!!

    Everything it’s in the task… nothing have changed…
    We just need ideas…

    you are trying to extort money from the rest of the world. even if the first $100 million is raised by the deadline, there is nothing stopping ecuador from exploiting the land in the near future. as with any hostage situation, the demands will be endless.

    to date, ecuador has the worst record of all rain forest nations with regard to deforestation and loss of native species habitat. how dare you suddenly pretend to care about helping the planet.

    I really like the contest idea and I am going to participate. Thank you Xavier for actively engaging in order to bring in such a great project.

    As for “Teigan” he really seems to be an angry person, who can’t really do much more than hate. Such attitudes should simply be ignored. Don’t waste your time …

    if you had an ounce of sense, you’d see that the project is not what it appears to be. your opinion of me is irrelevant. go check the facts for yourself before participating. research should always be the first step in good design process anyway.

    Awareness is a good case? Are you sure that nobody should make the first step to change the situation? Doing nothing is in my opinion not the solution. Maybe you have a tip to change the situation without the government involvement.

    Critical people are useful too 🙂

    ecuador should sell half their rainforest to peru for 3 billion dollars. i’m sure the peruvians would jump at the chance.

    ecuadorian propaganda efforts seem to be inspired by the erroneous idea that if something is repeated frequently enough it is bound to be believed as true in the long run, disregarding how inaccurate, false, or absurd it may be. this reasoning on the part of ecuador might be correct in the sense that perhaps it may be able to confuse some lazy or stupid people

    Nadine Freischlad

    teigan – I don’t get it. Why are you getting so worked up on this one? It’s like you’re on a personal feud with the Ecuadorian government. I don’t know what you’re up to, but your dinsinformed, wild accusations are quite ridiculous. And I think we got your point by now, so thank you.

    i am not asking you to believe me without researching it yourself. but it seems you don’t want to make the time. either that or you’re afraid for jovoto since you’re already committed to go through with this charade. i assure you it will look better for jovoto to acknowledge the well intentioned but embarrassing oversight when making the charity recipient choice.

    “Éste sería un extraordinario ejemplo de acción colectiva mundial, que permita no solo reducir el calentamiento global para beneficio de todo el planeta, sino también inaugurar una nueva lógica económica para el siglo XXI, donde se compense la generación de valor y no solamente la generación de mercancías.”

    Presidente del Ecuador, Rafael Correa, Naciones Unidas, septiembre 2007


    The full text of a letter to Señor Rafael Correa, Constitutional President of the Republic of Ecuador, dated 11th March 2008 and signed by Marlon Santi, President of the Confederation of Indigenous Nations of Ecuador (CONAIE), Humberto Cholango, President of the Confederation of Kichwa Peoples of Ecuador (ECUARUNARI), Domingo Ankuash, President of the Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities of the Ecuadorian Amazon (CONFENIAE), and Flavio Calazacón, President of the Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities of the Coast of Ecuador (CONAICE).

    Fraternal greetings from us who are members of the Confederation of Indigenous Nations of Ecuador (Confederación de Nacionalidades Indígenas del Ecuador, CONAIE).

    We indigenous nations and peoples, and peasant communities, jointly with the organized social sectors of Ecuador, have firmly resisted neoliberalism and the dominance of imperialism which has done everything possible to impose its economic and political model. For the peoples this has meant the plundering of lands, territories and natural resources, the dismantling of the State, the impoverishment of the majority of Ecuadorians and the criminalization of social struggles, among other consequences. But, while resisting, we have put forward proposals which would permit the State, and Society as a whole, to overcome every model that implies domination, dependence, discrimination and cultural, environmental and economic destruction of the peoples.

    We peoples of Latin America are pushing forward processes of profound change, showing that we human beings can live in harmony with Mother Nature. These processes are not easy; the leading sectors of political and economic power, which have controlled our countries, seek to destabilize progressive governments and social organizations. But the peoples’ determination for a better world is irrevocable.

    But neoliberalism is not yet destroyed; the social conflicts which it has provoked remain active. In Ecuador, especially in the last ten years, the various neoliberal governments have conceded some four million hectares of territory for mineral exploitation; 166 rivers are affected by private construction of hydro-electric plants; some three million hectares have been deforested by the timber industry, and five million hectares given over to private oil exploitation, Petroecuador alone having seven hundred thousand. All this has done no more than ruin the national economy, destroy biodiversity and create thousands of social conflicts with indigenous peoples and peasant and Afro-Ecuadorian communities.

    For this reason, and in compliance with the resolutions of the Third Congress of the Indigenous Nations and Peoples of Ecuador (CONAIE), held in the town of Santo Domingo de los T’zachilas on 10, 11 and 12 January 2008, with the participation of delegates and representatives of the 14 Nations and 16 Indigenous Peoples, coming from the three regions of the country, we bring the following to your attention:–

    1. CONAIE supports people affected by flooding and holds previous governments responsible for failure to take timely and adequate measures for avoidance of such disasters.

    2. We reject the military invasion and aggression of Álvaro Uribe’s Colombian government, which, with the complicity of George Bush’s government, seeks to involve the countries of the region in the armed conflict, with the twofold aim of spurning political solutions to the armed conflict in Colombia and destabilizing the progressive governments of the region, with no other purpose than to control and appropriate natural resources (water, oil, minerals).

    3. To defend the proposal for a Plurinational State, since that is the most democratic means of resolving the problems which have historically dogged the country and is a new form of political, economic, juridic and cultural organization of the State and of the whole Ecuadorian nation within a framework of intercultural, direct, equitable and economically just democracy.

    4. Reversion of all mineral concessions to the State. No medium- or large-scale mining, and concessions for small-scale artisan mining to be subject to an inquiry, strictly regulated, and with limits to its expansion. Action should be taken for agricultural and environmental restoration of the areas degraded by mining.

    5. We demand reversion of private hydro-electricity concessions, since they cause prejudice to the State and have involved non-compliance with what is established in the Constitution (the right to consultation, the principle of precaution and the indivisibility of rights). They put the country’s food sovereignty at risk, and by privatizing areas of wilderness and biodiversity (springs, rivers) they likewise threaten the integrity of communal lands and territories.

    6. Respect on the part of the State for the Right to Consultation and Free Consent of Indigenous Peoples with regard to any projected exploitation of natural resources within indigenous and community territories and land, as ordered by the Political Constitution and Resolution 169 of the International Labour Organization.

    7- That the National Government should provide political and judicial support in the High Court of Nueva Loja to those affected by Texaco’s oil operations in the Northeast. Likewise, and in accordance with what is established by the Constitution, the State must ensure respect for national sovereignty and must guarantee the rights of Ecuadorians in the actions brought by the transnational Texaco in international arbitration tribunals.

    8. That the protection and administration of wilderness, forest and such other natural areas as ecological reserves, protected areas and national parks within indigenous territories should be handed over to the communities.

    9. Respect for indigenous and ancestral territories and for the express decision against exploitation of natural resources within their communities, as foreseen by the Political Constitution, Resolution 169 of the International Labour Organization, and the Declaration on Indigenous Rights of the United Nations Organization.

    10. We demand that the State of Ecuador must investigate the causes of the slaughter of the Taromenanes and Tagaeris and punish those responsible, and must also respect and protect the territories of those free peoples as the sole guarantee of their culture and their lives. For these reasons we wupport the initiative of retaining below ground the oil in the ITT block.

    11. To comply with the pronouncement of the State Attorney General’s Office regarding expiry of the oil contract with Petrobras, of oil exploitation in Block 18, and we demand inclusion in this process of Block 31 for the same reasons.

    12. To treat as ended the contracts of oil companies which have violated the human rights of indigenous peoples, such as the CGC company in Block 23, the Burlington company in Block 24, and the AGIP company in Block 10, and others.

    13. To declare national suspension of industrial and commercial timber exploitation, because it is destroying native forests, affecting the global and local environment and directly affecting the territories of indigenous peoples, since 80% of those remaining live in those territories.

    14. We demand from the government policies leading to avoidance of privatization of biodiversity, practised by means of the sale of environmental services and bio-piracy

    15. The regionalization project, as part of the proposal for territorial re-ordering, must not affect the integrity of indigenous territories.

    16. We support all the initiatives that the national government has taken and may take in future which seek to demand from the Colombian government respect for territorial sovereignty, together with political and judicial action to prevent continued fumigation in the border area and to compensate for the damage already caused to the environment and human health.

    17. Immediately to rescind the Manta Base agreement signed by the Ecuadorian and United States governments.

    18. We demand respect for State indigenous institutions: the Council for Development of Ecuadorian Nations and Peoples (Consejo de Desarrollo de las nacionalidades y pueblos del Ecuador, CODENPE), the Fund for Development of Indigenous Peoples (Fondo de desarrollo de los pueblos indígenas, FODEPI), the National Directorate of Intercultural Bilingual Education (Dirección nacional de educación intercultural bilingüe, DINEIB), and Indigenous Health (Salud indígena).

    19. Urgent implementation of a thorough process of integral agrarian reform (land, territory, production and commercialization) to promote democratization of landholding, water and food sovereignty.

    20. We ask the government for strict control of rising prices and for fixing of the prices of the basic family shopping-basket.

    21. We defend the legitimacy and legality of peoples in defence of their collective and individual rights, and we therefore denounce their criminalization.

    It is our aim to work for and contribute to the changes which we all need, and to build the kind of country which would guarantee collective and individual rights and the economic and socio-cultural wellbeing of all Ecuadorians. To that end we see an urgent need to dismantle all the neoliberal policies imposed in the past twenty years.

    With fraternal greetings we look forward to your reply.

    Nadine Freischlad

    Teigan, the info you shared doesn’t reveal anything new, in fact they undermine the goal of the project: that at least some areas of rainforest and life-sustaining environment for the indigenous tribes have to be saved.
    Look, I don’t think we’ll come to an agreement on this one. Everyone can have their opinion, and I’m going to leave it at that 😉

    my point is that the opinion of those living in the rainforest should be worth something to you. they may not in power, but they were there first and have basic human rights. they warn the true goal of the project may not be what the government has led you to believe.

    i do know that until ecuador is willing to hand over the hostage (the rainforest) we won’t pay the ransom. i am very open to negotiation if and when we get a fair and reasonable demand.

    The land is beatiful! I would love to support it by voting for the $300 house and prevent thousands of barrels of crude oil from coming out of the ground.