Quick Feedback from Rodrigo Niño


Dear All,

A couple of days ago we met Rodrigo Niño, CEO of Prodigy Network, who ran the “World´s best Workspace” project with us, at the gallery opening of an awesome architectural exhibition in Berlin.

The exhibition showed two amazing projects:“My ideal City” by Rodrigo Niño´s about bottom up urbanism to design the city of the future and …

Foto-9 Foto-11

“Torre David” a vertical slum in Venezuela and the future of urban development and collaboration among architects, private enterprise, and the global population of slum-dwellers.


Obviously Rodrigo Niño was quite busy being involved in the exhibition but he took a few minutes to give you some quick feedback about the “World´s best workspace” project:

If you want to get to know more insights on those amazing projects Roberto Niño initiates here´s a curated link list:

Jesko Stoetzer
Jesko Stoetzer

Jesko joined jovoto already in 2008 as an early community member and then again a few years later as Creative Director in Berlin. Jesko is a full on creative who is now responsible for managing the interface between our clients and our creative talent base always keeping an eye on quality. Jesko’s passion is ecologically and ethically responsible design which is a great fit for the jovoto mission: Empower creatives!



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