Samsung Appcademy: Half Time Feedback

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Hey there,

And right before you’re off to celebrate we have some half time feedback from our experts over at Samsung!

Here goes:

First let’s first start off by saying a big thank you for your submissions and the lively and constructive discussion within this project.
Also interesting was the discussion of our jury. To continue to build upon your ideas as well as how to create new ones in the second half, here comes the official feedback from the experts, which should help to optimze your current ideas and to give you also inspiration for new ideas.

1. Use the idea description questions
The understanding and evaluation of the jury strongly depends on your idea description, made in the upload form. Please make sure that all relevant information about your app and its concept is explained! Also remember to update your descriptions when you develop and update your idea.

2. Presentation of your idea
Sell your idea! Behind great logos are great concepts. Visual your concepts with charts, graphs, sketched, videos, comics, etc.

3. Innovation and Originality
Look through the ideas that have been submitted on jovoto and then look at the existing apps on the Samsung website. How does your app differentiate itself from another with of a similar concept and function? For example show the differences in target group, new functions, operation- indeed, already some of your ideas have bee in the preparation at Samsung – some of them you will already see the beginning of 2013 in the Samsung App offer.

4. Early submissionsPlease do not hesitate to submit your idea at an early stage. You can continuously refine your concept. If you wait too long your idea might be taken by another participant already.

5. Lap dissolve of the Live-TV programm
With a Smart TV app it’s an obvious thought to use output content from TV programs, and some of you have created some very exciting apps based on that. However, the Social TV concepts that include an intervention within the TV program (eg: an overlap) are technical not feasible. Alternatively is it is possible to use the content planed as overlap on a second screen, as for example via an android as well as Apple phone. You will find further hints on this in the Samsung Developerforum.

6. Content
Content- and data bank-based ideas require a partner. As far as you do not develop a content or a data bank please describe how you going to provide the information needed.

7. Data Protection
Applications such as recommendation engines, or user generated content (UGC) require access to user data and are therefore are relevant in the privacy debate. Please take this issue into consideration in your concept. Do you have a solution?

8. Potential
There is still a huge amount of potential that hasn’t yet been considered yet. Especially considering the interaction with a Samsung Smart TV and other devices: Samsung TVs have operating options, such as voice and gesture control, which have TV’s on the built-in camera also has a face detection function . Moreover, there are the various Samsung devices, such as mobile phones, tablets, Note PCs, cameras, etc. with each other via AllShare be networked. Putpat is therefor a felicitous example
Please do not get insecure by all the technical opportunities. Often the impressive simple idea without high technical expectations are those ideas which wow and which promise high potential.

9. Questions and Answers
Please look at the Samsung Developer Forum (, here you can find the most important technical requirements for Samsung Smart TV apps. If you have questions, ask the community.

Have fun and good luck in the second half of the project – there is still much to discover and develop.

There you have it, great feedback to develop your ideas after you’ve eaten a lot and celebrated the holidays!

Best wishes!



Jess has been a Community Manager at jovoto since 2011. She enjoys getting to know community members from different parts of the globe, creating dialog and watching exciting ideas take shape on the platform.