The Coworking Challenge Jury Feedback



Dear all,
yesterday we met the jury of the coworking challenge right in the cosy small arena of betahaus itself – with pretzel and projector presentation.

Conradin, our creative director, had a deeper look in what kind of submission we already have and in which directions your submissions are focused. We discussed some individual submissions, jury favourites and – most important – the general direction the jury would like to guide you.

First of all one of the founders of betahaus pointed out that the task of this project is not just really relevant to them, asking themselves how they can constantly improve and create better coworking environments – but also a relevant worldwide.

Nevertheless this is a huge innovation challenge – for the jury it´s very important to stay grounded and feasible. Looking at mind-blowing visions and renderings can be awesome, but if they turn out to be utopian, it doesn’t help. A reality principle is a big criteria for them.

What does that mean for you? – Still any kind of idea is welcome, but make sure that you do not submit a huge overall concept, but work on designing feasible and tangible ideas for coworking spaces from smart gadgets to interior design or even apps.

What else?

  • There is no corporate architecture or design guidelines for betahaus – but coworking is, wants to be and will always be temporary and flexible. Its changing and adjusting to the needs and trends of coworkers and constantly creatively adjusting and growing as a natural process.
  • Designing elements for coworking spaces is not just about designing a physical object, but even more to add a human aspect of how to feel well in the cooking space and create a great atmosphere.
  • Discussing the ideas we recognized your need and passion for nature and light, what is extremely relevant for coworking spaces, but try to implement this into the interior space rather than creating utopian (but maybe awesome) summer event locations. In addition, this again will be more feasible for betahaus to realize than moving to the jungle. ; )
  • To think in the direction of mobile coworking seems less attractive to the jury
  • Not yet seen, but interesting: Is there any idea that pops up in your mind that supports and creates interaction and personal direct communication in coworking spaces? In traditional offices it is the tea-kitchen, meeting at the copy-machine or being stuck in the elevator, when people start to get closer and talk – sometimes even if something weird happens or if you are forced to leave your comfort zone. Inventing something in this direction could be really interesting, too.

We are going to get back to you next week with a new blog post and a huge link list for background research and inspiration that we prepared for you.

Jesko Stoetzer
Jesko Stoetzer

Jesko joined jovoto already in 2008 as an early community member and then again a few years later as Creative Director in Berlin. Jesko is a full on creative who is now responsible for managing the interface between our clients and our creative talent base always keeping an eye on quality. Jesko’s passion is ecologically and ethically responsible design which is a great fit for the jovoto mission: Empower creatives!



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