Victorinox 2014 is coming!


Give a V, give me an I, give me… VICTORNIOX 2014!
Many of you jovotans already know what I am talking about and I am sure that you are just as exited about it as I am!
The challenge “Design The Classic Limited Edition of the Swiss Army Knife” took already place on jovoto for the 2012 and 2013 series. Now for the third time you have the chance to get involved in this success story!

People worldwide are familiar with the classic red knife and the unmistakable logo.
For the new limited edition 2014 of the Classic Series you have a 58mm long surface as a blank canvas. What you are asked to do with it? Victorinox is once again looking for fresh, bold and unusual visuals to win over the hearts of anyone and everyone who likes to try out new things and shop spontaneously. These little knives make the perfect present and one of my personal highlights is that you can take them anywhere with you – they are even allowed on board of airplanes! A true companion!


The project starts at the end of this month and runs as usual on the platform. After the submission phase Victorinox makes a pre-selection of their favourite designs and puts this selection on their facebook page for an online voting. The top 10 here determines which designs will be produced!
So sharpen your pencils, what could be more exciting than being the designer of a Victorinox Swiss Army Knife? Well, I can tell you: there will be a special prize for the Bestseller of the Limited Edition AND on top of that if Victorinox decides to include your design in thier permanent collection, you will not only recieve the honor but also a double idea prize!
I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with this year!
And as a last motivation for now check out how beautifully the 2013 collection is presented here.
I hope to see your design there next year, good luck and lots of fun to you all! Check out the project landing page for more information, here!

Dora Csala
Dora Csala

Dora is Community Manager at jovoto and works next to it as a freelance Photographer.



    Sounds great!. This year I presented with several proposals. Good luck to all the artists and designers.

    This contest is back again!
    That’s great!
    This time, I will try my best!