Greenpeace Update: Hello & Welcome Stefan!


Dear all,
as the next Greenpeace project is ready to start we are honored to introduce our new team member Stefan to you. The aim of the project is to design mobile water pumps run with renewable energy to enable small farmer´s irrigation in India. While Jesko will be responsible for the community management in the project, Stefan is going to support you and me with feedback, his profound knowledge and background in energy and process engineering.

Hello Stefan!

“Hello everyone! My name is Stefan Schrecker and I am very excited to be part of the Greenpeace Energy [R]evolution project as your expert guide. I will be your contact person from Jovoto’s side when it comes to technical issues and guidance during the project.


At the moment I am finishing my studies of energy and process engineering in Berlin. My main focus has been renewable energies in the context of development cooperation. I am also part of a research project on a new type of biogas digesters in Tanzania from “Engineers Without Borders” Germany. During several stays in the region I learned a few things on the implementation of a solution that was designed in a different country with different standards and perspectives. This can be quite challenging and therefore I am very eager to see what the outcome of this multidisciplinary outreach is going to be!”

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If you want to follow Stefan on jovoto – you will find his profile here.

A lot of background information about the project itself you can find in the project´s news blog here or directly jump into the briefing here.

Jesko Stoetzer
Jesko Stoetzer

Jesko joined jovoto already in 2008 as an early community member and then again a few years later as Creative Director in Berlin. Jesko is a full on creative who is now responsible for managing the interface between our clients and our creative talent base always keeping an eye on quality. Jesko’s passion is ecologically and ethically responsible design which is a great fit for the jovoto mission: Empower creatives!



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