Update: Matias is home!



After more than one year of traveling around the world, Matias, our own and personal globe trotter, and his girlfriend are now back home, in Argentina.

The last update we had and shared with you was last December, when we were lucky to have him here at the jovoto office. Since then, he’s been visiting:

Amsterdam and meeting Bert (Prodeoweb)


Prague and meeting Jorge (Oxelot)


And last but not least, Guayaquil and meeting Xavier !



Thank you, Matias, for taking us on your footsteps. It is amazing for us too to see the gorgeous faces behind the usernames. We couldn’t have enjoyed this more! And we hope that your world trip will somehow not end here.

Much love,

All of us at jovoto



    Superrrrr!!!! I am glad for Matias!!! Maybe one day he will in Ukraine =))) I met with Susan in India too =)))) Thanks Jovoto!!! you opened for me world!!! =))))

    It was good to meet Matias indeed. And I’m sure he had great time traveling around and getting to know the other jovotans.

    Matiiiiii!!! I missed you guys!!! I really had a super great day time with you and Noelia!!! Quite a sunny day with some great refreshing beers!!! Hope you can keep traveling around this inspiring and beautiful world!!! A gigantic hug dear Mati!!! Mi casa es tu casa!!! You’ll be always welcome!!! =D

    Hey Jorge, Xavier. I met Matias and Noelia (with my sons) on a rainy day in Amsterdam. Cold and wet. A pity. Amsterdam is so great. But you need a nice sunny day. We had a nice time together. Beautiful people.

    eyyy guys!
    It was a HUGE PLEASURE to meet you! You are the best, so interesting people!!!
    You are very very welcome to Argentina!
    thanks a lot for receiving us. HUGE HUGGGGGG!!!!!!