Welcome Per, our Creative Guide for the DB Follow the Leader crowdstorm


Hi everyone,

My name is Per Zennström and I will be your Project Guide for the Deutsche Bank Follow The Leader Crowdstorm on jovoto. I just wanted to quickly introduce myself to you and tell you a bit more about myself as well as cover a few key aspects of this exciting film project.

I’m originally from Sweden but for almost all my adult life I have been living and working in different places. I started my creative career by spending a couple of years in New York followed by a longer stint in Paris. Currently I’m living and working in Berlin, the global center for contemporary art, and the start­up capital of Europe.

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I always had a platonic, long-distance relationship with Berlin but seeing the black & white music videos for U2, by Wim Wenders, clinched the deal and finally made me want to move and live here. It also helped that many of my musical heroes like David Bowie and Iggy Pop had spent a significant amount of time in Berlin.

My work

I’m one of the Co­ Founders of the Berlin Student Film Festival, an initiative that aims to inspire and encourage emerging filmmakers through a constructive and professional festival, showcasing their work to prestigious industry leaders. Apart from that I’m also the Creative Director of kulturspace, a Berlin based brand & design consultancy.

Throughout my career I have been in charge of projects for big brands like Absolut Vodka, Bentley, Dior, Guy Laroche, Nina Ricci & Porsche and my work is shown on film festivals such as the Miami Fashion Film Festival.

Swim, Bike & Run

Apart from just working I have the lifelong bragging rights to a sub 11 hour Ironman (10:31:33 Ironman Kärnten 2004) and I have 6 marathons under my belt, the fastest one at 3hr:15mins.

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I’m also a dog lover, here our dog Kniff

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I see myself as an early adopter and I tend to explore new things early on. So for some time now I have been very interested in digital thinking and how this presents opportunities for those who embrace it. In particular I focus on the fact that organisations, companies & creatives now have access to, and can distribute their work & projects by themselves. I believe this is one of the fundamental digital shifts that you, as a filmmaker need to understand and implement.

I believe that the filmmaker of today has to be the producer and initiator of projects, using new ways to finance (Kickstarter) and distribute your work.

I’m sure you have heard it before but it’s really worth repeating: Think like a publisher!

jovoto & I

I was introduced to Jovoto by another creative guide; Justin Merino and right away I became intrigued by how they use digital thinking to position themselves in the right spot in the ideation flow (and marketplace) delivering great value to both sides of their platform: the clients and to the creatives.

jovoto sees an opportunity to deliver value to bigger, slower more rigid organisations that understand that they need to have access to nimble, free­form thinking to survive.

The organisations are too heavy-footed to do this by themselves but the jovoto model allows them to add this to their toolkit in a quick and easy way.

Looking forward seeing your ideas and projects!

Per Zennström



    Welcome Per! It’s nice to have you on the Guide team.

    I second the notion 🙂 Great to have you on board Per!