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Yess – we released a new version of jovoto today.

The following screenshots show the major changes. The most important change is the search feature – we hope that you like it as much as we do 😉 Please give us feedback, so that we know that we are developing stuff you need that makes you happy!

1. Search


Search for Members, Ideas and Contests. Trough the quick result list you can navigate directly to pages – simply use you arrow-keys to go through the list and press enter to choose.

2. News and Statistics


We are working on improving the dashboard – so the jovoto news have moved next to the contest-glider. Remember that they are containing important information about contests and community-news. You can get those news via E-Mail if you want: you only have to set the accompanying notification setting in your profile and you will be notified via mail about hot news from jovoto.

3. Direct link to briefing comments


This is just a bugfix but hey, a real good one! Now you are redirected directly from the dashboard message to the right position of the comment on the briefing page.

4. Blog archive and more posts on blog main page

blog-more posts

You are looking for older posts in our Blog? Look at the archive and you will find them. Also on the blog-main page there are now more posts presented – have fun reading!

We hope you like the new features and as always we’re looking forward to hearing your feedback!


Jess has been a Community Manager at jovoto since 2011. She enjoys getting to know community members from different parts of the globe, creating dialog and watching exciting ideas take shape on the platform.



    Ah, when your work on that side was the reason for those uploading problems we had yesterday, than I can forgive you. ;o). Great improvements. It´s been only some weeks that I belong to your community and there have been so many new features – that´s amazing!

    Jesko wird berühmt !

    L-O-V-E the new search function !

    Hej Jovoto team !

    I am sure you are already woking on collaboration-tools and it would be already great to use them = ) Here some short ideas about it from our experience during the betacup-contest right now:

    • Access rights would be great.
    Each team Member can edit the presentation and do “idea-owner” marked commets.

    • A comment-text-marker tool would be cool.
    Would be cool to draw attention on the most important comments.
    After a while it´s so much comments that this would be really helpul for other
    to get through it.

    • What about “merge ideas”?
    Complex tasks might have different parts you can work on.
    Simply submit parts and work on it, get Feedback, improve it and “merge” the best ones
    into the final concept. Would be great if that means it merges the rating as well.
    Sounds interesting for me.

    • I personally would LOVE to get optional open acces rights for my jovoto portfolio
    as more and more people get interested and ask for it.

    What do you think ?

    Thanks for your great work by the way ! = )

    Best regards and a nice weekend for you, guys !


    Hey Jesko,
    thank you for the comment – here some answers, to your points:
    * the collaboration tool will hopefully be part of one of the next releases
    * The comment marker -tool sound interesting. To make the comment-view more clear we are preparing threaded comments at the moment. This should collapse the view and will allow more constructive discussions below the ideas
    * merge ideas sound like a feature we will need maybe in the future – jovoto is about ideas and we are happy about each submission. Also the count of submissions is important. If you collapse ideas at the end of a contest, the there will be less, if the contest is finished.
    * a “my ideas” widget is also planned, so that you can implement it in your Blog or website.
    Overall – the pipeline is really filled with nice features, we need and – most important point – you all should get.
    Best Jakob

    Hej Jakob !

    – I was sure you are already quite busyw deveolping new killer features = )

    – Jap, putting ideas together makes sense with bigger tasks or jovoto´s bright future : ) – if you split teamwork, you won´t have less submissions but higher efficiency.

    Thans for running jovoto !
    Yours, Jekso