Deleting Submissions on jovoto: The 24-Hour Rule


Dear everyone,

Every time you upload an idea on jovoto, you have 24 hours to delete your submission. After that timeframe, only in exceptional cases can your idea be deleted during the contest, and only by the Creative Guide.

To delete the idea in the first 24 hours, simply go to your idea and click on the “Delete idea” button on the left bottom side. That’s it.

Why the strict 24-hour rule?


You are considered creative professionals who will stand by their ideas once published. This means that when making a submission you’ve pretty much thought twice before making it public on the platform, to the community and to the client. For instance, you know that you are not breaching any third party rights. And you know that, although there is a maximum number of ideas you can submit per project, you believe in this idea and are confident that it deserves to be part of the project.

Furthermore, jovoto is considered a reliable platform for crowdstorming, which is why our clients trust they can rely our processes in order to have a fruitful experience.

Stability during the Crowdstorm

Wouldn’t it be strange if you’d see, every hour, ideas appearing and disappearing in a Crowdstorm? Wouldn’t it also be strange (and unwanted) if the client liked an idea one day, not to be able to find it the next day? Same for the press who many times picks up on our public projects and your wonderful submissions and mentions them in articles – potentially then linking back to non-existing idea IDs.

These are the things that the 24-hour rule is meaning to avoid. This kind of stability does not only benefit the client or the media but also you – the jovoto creative community – as well.

The “Project Terms”

Please also understand that by agreeing to the individual “Project Terms” of each Crowdstorm, you agree that a submitted idea may be displayed by jovoto in general within the project and e.g. in our blog or by the client in order to promote the Crowdstorm or to kick off internal evaluation of the submissions – as soon as your idea is uploaded. You keep the vast majority of rights to your idea, however agree to giving jovoto and the client a limited “right of usage”, which includes the aforementioned examples. Removing ideas even though you already agreed to the mentioned “Project Terms”, means you are asking to step back from a contract you previously signed. A decision to be carefully considered and taken with thought.

When can ideas be deleted after the first 24 hours?

Deleting an entire idea after the first 24 hours will be made only in exceptional cases, and it will be decided upon by the project guide: for instance when there is an idea interference (or in other words, your idea is not unique enough and can be considered a copy of an existing submission).

Therefore, before you submit an idea, it’s always helpful to look through the other ideas that have been submitted already in that project. Check to see that your idea is not too similar or that it doesn’t too much resemble another submission. If it does or if you are not sure, you can always contact the fellow jovotan or the project guide – before submitting your idea.

What about updating my idea?

You are free to update your idea as often as you wish to. Once you update your image (or text), the old image (or text) will disappear. We encourage you tp be conscious about having a backup in case you want to go back to an older version.

Bottom line is, whenever you submit an idea you have 24 hours to think the following through:

  • Do I really believe in this idea?
  • Do I really want to have this idea published considering that there is a limit of ideas that I can submit per project?
  • Am I aware of all requirements and agree to the Project Terms?
  • Is my idea new in the contest or is my idea interfering with someone else’s?
  • Am I breaching any copyrights with this idea?

Once the 24 hours passed, keep improving on your idea. Collect as much helpful input as you can from your fellow creatives and keep believing in your idea.

I wish you lots of fun on jovoto and we look forward to your wonderful submissions.




    It would be nice to have an option to delete projects after the project is completed and winners decided. As a creator I would like to have freedom to remove stuff when needed. A project which may have looked great 2 years back may not have the same appeal and might not look great on a creator’s portfolio. Also ideas that did not win should have an idea to be removed. It would be nice if you considered it.

    Dear NAndita,

    Thank you for your suggestions. You can always ask to have an old idea deleted by simply asking a Project Guide or via the existing contact channels. That freedom (option) always exists.

    In what concerns your other suggestion, I think that we all agree that, in any project, many of the ideas that did not win a prize, are still great, irrespective of not having won.

    See you on jovoto 😉

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