Creative Campaigning: successful campaign visuals designed for Greenpeace on jovoto

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The Greenpeace Against Cheap Meat project, launched earlier this month, is the campaigning organisation’s 7th project on jovoto. They have been working with us since 2008, returning almost every year to collaborate with our creative community.

The facts & figures:
– 6 public co-creation projects completed
– 1320 ideas submitted
– €48,300 awarded to creatives

The Greenpeace projects have always been community favourites and we wanted to take this opportunity to take a look back at some of the ideas that have caught Greenpeace’s eye in the past:


Save the Arctic (2013)

The brief in a nutshell: Greenpeace is looking for fresh and unusual ideas that will attract attention to and that will convince millions of people to sign the petition calling for a global sanctuary!

The awarded ideas:

1 // Time is running out... by gusmonk Eduard Betiuc

The creatives received a €500 license fee and a €1000 Community Award for their creative collaboration.


2 // ACT NOW!! by Luis Gutiérrez

Luis received a €500 license fee and a €250 Community Award for this creative idea.


3 // Street intervention by Samantha Moreno

Samantha received a €500 license fee for this campaign idea.


Greenpeace Against Cheap Meat:  Greenpeace is looking for creative ideas to use in their campaign for more transparency about the true cost of cheap meat. Read the brief and submit your ideas today!


Greenpeace Against GM-Food (2014)

The brief in a nutshell: Help Greenpeace to convince McDonald’s, Germany’s biggest fast-food chain, to take the bold step and to refrain from using genetically modified animal food – improving production standards in their supply chain for meat and particularly chicken.

The awarded ideas:

1// Inside Out by DENKdifferent & oxelot  – “Sometimes the things that are tasty on the outside aren’t so tasty on the inside.” 

The initial sketch:

The final submission & the realised idea, used as the cover image for Greenpeace’s info guide “Essen ohne Gentechnik” (Food without GM):

The creatives received a €1000 Client’s Choice award and a €1250 Community Award for their creative collaboration.


2 // Hunger Strike by Gila von Meissner 

Gila received a €1000 Jury’s Choice Award for this design.


2 //  Flip them the bird! by lazl

lazl received a €1000 Jury’s Choice Award for this creative idea.


The “Flip them the bird!” visual proved to be popular and was used in a number of different ways by the Greenpeace volunteers and activists protesting in front of McDonald’s all across Germany – 40 cities in total:

Campaign success! Coupled with the other huge efforts of Greenpeace, the campaign visuals designed on jovoto successfully convinced McDonalds in Germany to stop using Genetically-Modified animal feed in poultry farming!!


Greenpeace Against Cheap Meat:  Use your creativitiy to help Greenpeace campaign for more transparency about the true cost of cheap meat. Read the brief and submit your ideas today!


Stop TTIP (2015)

The brief in a nutshell: Help Greenpeace shed light on the dark side of TTIP – Develop clear and comprehensible communication tools that Greenpeace can use in their TTIP awareness campaign, which targets the general public. 

The awarded ideas:

1 // Eyes Closed / Hands Tied / Mouth Open by voinealex & Epure Lazar Mihail

creativity solves problems

The creatives received a €1000 Jury’s Choice Award, €1000 Community Award, and €300 for the best collaboration for this idea.


2 // Hormones go haywire by ann

Ann received a €1000 Jury’s Choice Award for this creative idea.


How do creatives from all around the world get to work with Greenpeace?

Here is a basic overview of how our projects with Greenpeace work:
– Greenpeace comes to jovoto with the campaign idea and we write the creative brief together
– jovoto’s creative community go to work and submit their creative ideas
– Greenpeace select the ideas that stood out for them and the creatives receive a client’s choice award and/or a licence fee
– Greenpeace utilises the idea in their campaign visuals and you’ve gained a new client!


jovoto creates opportunities and rewards great ideas, you get to work for global brands and NGOs and collaborate with a community of designers and creative minds. Find out more and sign up for free today.

Helen Gimber

Helen is into creativity, collaboration & collectivity! She joined jovoto in 2015 as a guide for Textile Design projects and has been a regular fixture of the community marketing and management team since.


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