jocademy session: How to price your work as a designer with Brad Weaver


Last week was the launch of our brand new initiative, jocademy sessions (woohoo!) We had a great response and are excited to continue helping you succeed in your independent design career. If you missed the first jocademy session, “How to write sexy proposals that get you more clients” with Lior Frenkel, you can watch a replay here.

jocademy session #2: How to price your work as a designer with Brad Weaver

Brad went to school to be a lawyer, then came to his senses and has spent the last 20 years making ideas happen through Branding, User Experience Design, Information Architecture, and Content Strategy. He is the author of Creative Truth: Start & Build a Profitable Design Business and a keynote speaker at conferences around the world.

Prior to forming The Banner Years, Brad served as Chief Experience Officer at Nine Labs where he worked with numerous Fortune 500s including IHG and UPS. Prior to Nine Labs, he served as Founder & Creative Director at Suckerpunch with clients including Disney, Bank of America, ESPN, AT&T, NATO, The PGA, Hard Rock Cafe, and Coca-Cola.

How to price your work as a designer

Pricing your client work for profit isn’t a guessing game. There are real methods for long-term sustainability that anyone can learn. Growth and freedom don’t come cheap, but there are ways to make it happen faster. In his jocademy session, Brad will offer you resources and tools to save you time and money, renew your outlook on your creative value, and teach you how to:

  • Price your work accurately for profit
  • Determine your real rates
  • Increase your profits
  • Create actual rates and price targets
  • Price projects with actual explanations, examples, and formulas

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What is a jocademy session?

jocademy is a new series of webinar-based sessions featuring leading designers, entrepreneurs, and innovators. In half-hour presentations on their area of expertise, they will be sharing their knowledge and giving insights on how to succeed as an independent designer in the digital age. Afterwards, you, the audience, will be invited to ask questions, discuss, and connect with the speaker.


Olof Ekman is Head of Community Management at jovoto and spends his time making the the jovoto experience as fun & pleasant as possible for it's community members!



    Super excited about this. Will be there!

    I am really curious to hear his tips! It’s a subject that touches us all.

    This was a highly informative presentation! He did mention that attendees will get the slides, would that be by email? I missed how to obtain the spreadsheet about the expenses, too. Anyone can help?

    Hi Lenito! So glad to hear you enjoyed it and learned something from it. You will get the slides later today in an email together with the video to rewatch.


    Dear Olof,

    I received it! Many thanks! 🙂

    This is so great!


    I missed the presentation, is there any way that you could send the video? thanks

    Hi Venessa. You can access the video by entering your details above and click “Get access”. Enjoy!

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