jocademy session: How to use research to create killer products with Dhyana Scarano

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jocademy sessions are a new series of webinars featuring leading designers, entrepreneurs, and innovators. In half-hour presentations, these experts share knowledge and insights on how to succeed as an independent designer in the digital age. Afterward, you, the audience, are invited to ask questions, discuss, and connect with the speaker.

jocademy session #7: How to use research to create killer products with Dhyana Scarano


If you’re active in the design community in Berlin, chances are you’ve met Dhyana, but you probably know her as Dee. She co-organises Service Jam Berlin, and UX Camp Europe, and mentors startups in product strategy for the Google Launchpad startup bootcamp. During the day Dee is a senior user Experience designer at CareerFoundry, creators of the The UX School, teaching human-first design to the next generation of creatives.

Dee has also worked as a UX consultant, specialising in user research and product concept and strategy for companies like Germanwings, Nespresso, Volkswagen and Samsung.

What you will learn:

Before you can make a beautiful, compelling design, you need to understand what problem you are solving. User research can uncover important details that will help you convince the client, and show that you aren’t shooting in the dark with your concepts.

  • Problem and solution space — and why it’s important to separate them
  • Understanding the user’s needs – and why this convinces clients that you know your shit
  • Different types of user research — and when to use each one
  • How to turn research results into a killer product

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