jovoto turns 10: An open letter and what it means for you

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The end of a year is like the end of a chapter in a book: it gets everyone feeling reflective. Add a 10 year anniversary into the mix, and you’ve got the perfect timing for a long look back and the unveiling of future plans to celebrate.

jovoto founder Bastian Unterberg was doing just that when he wrote this open letter to jovoto clients and community. He reflects on some big questions, a couple of inconvenient truths, and presents an outlook on what you can expect from jovoto in the years to come.

So what does it mean for you?

Pro projects will slowly be faded out

The inconvenient truth that Bastian faces in his letter is that no matter how sustainably you organize a contest, no matter how much one learns, no matter how much recognition or contacts are gained, in a contest model only a few are paid. Bastian’s ultimate goal is to build a true alternative and sustainable career path for creatives. In his eyes, this means that currently still too few creatives are making a living working on jovoto. In order to follow his vision, you will be seeing less Pro projects and more Invite projects on the platform.

An Invite project offers a space where people can still ideate together, explore their creativity, get feedback, hone their skills and exchange knowledge and inspiration — while receiving a guaranteed payment. Only through guaranteed payment can jovoto truly be a sustainable workplace of the future.

“For me, these projects offer a completely new work environment. With no logistics from my side, I get to collaborate, exchange perspectives, and see how other talented creatives approach the same brief. And instead of becoming a competition like agencies pitching for the same client, it turns into a genuinely healthy space to solve problems.”
– Rodrigo Bardin, Conceptual Designer, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Slide idea upload is here to stay

When submitting an idea on jovoto, you’ll see that the upload now consists of a series of slides which ask specific questions to determine the content uploaded to each slide. By separating the brief into small and precise parts it is easier to focus on the most important aspects of the task.

We believe that the idea upload structures the process by making it simpler to frame the challenge for clients, and it gives creatives an insightful guide, enabling you to deliver exactly what the client is looking for in just a few steps. It also helps everyone who is viewing your submission to easily understand your idea. So don’t see the the idea upload as a limitation, see it as a set stage for you to work your magic on!

Not to mention before an idea is published, the draft mode allows you to work with collaborators in a closed mutual space. Invite someone to join you on that stage!

Flexible creative output

We’ve realized that sometimes jovoto designers (used to always doing their best) simply deliver more than the client needs. This is not necessary nor fair for the creative, especially if she or he is not being paid for it. Going above and beyond is wonderful, and what we know jovoto creatives can do, but only when the client needs those kind of results. Sometimes a client may just need the start of an idea or design, the beginning, the impulse!

Enter: idea upload. Another benefit of using the idea upload as a predefined framework is keeping you from over delivering and working on more than what’s necessary. That means you may also be seeing projects with lower payments, but be aware: there is a different level of creative output expected.

So there you have it! After 10 years of jovoto, it’s never too late to work on changes to get one step closer to the dream of unleashing talent and building a truly sustainable alternative career path. Happy Birthday jovoto!

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Jess has been a Community Manager at jovoto since 2011. She enjoys getting to know community members from different parts of the globe, creating dialog and watching exciting ideas take shape on the platform.


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