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We are excited to launch the new jovoto profile.

One of jovoto’s new year’s resolutions is to step-up our commitment to helping professional designers connect, learn, and grow. As curating an online presence is one of the keys to building a successful design career, we are proud to announce the new jovoto profile.

new jovoto profile

Your public profile

To support you in connecting with other creatives and presenting your past work, here are some key parts of the new jovoto profile!

1. Who are YOU?

The top left corner of your profile is all about you! Take this space to include your picture, a description of who you are, perhaps your design philosophy, and location. Though the space is small, it can have a BIG impact. Leverage these few words to grab someone’s attention — make them want to read more about you and your career.

2. What have you created?

Your work is at the core of the new jovoto profile. As much as we want to offer you a space to share information about you, we also know your amazing work will speak for itself. Right now, your “best ideas” on jovoto will populate this space.

3. What are your skills?

Here is your chance to tell the world your skills and years of experience. These will show-up on your profile so clients and creatives can see your strengths and when they might want to work with you.

4. How has your career progressed?

This segment will showcase your jovoto career. Your career achievements, awesome clients, community statistics, industry experience, and creative hubs can all be highlighted. Show-off — this is your chance to communicate the range and depth of your career!

5. Where else do you showcase your work?

We know how important it is to build your online presence across several platforms. Link to your LinkedIn, Twitter, Behance etc! Give creatives and clients the opportunity to find out more about you!

new jovoto profile

Your private profile

As we want to help advance your professional career, you will also be asked a few questions that will not be publicly visible.

Questions about your availability and hourly rates are included to help us connect you to great clients and projects. We understand that at first, asking for this information might feel a bit intrusive. However, we want you to know, that the more data we have about you and your work, the better we can align pay for your work.

Additionally, as we offer more and more “invite only” projects with guaranteed payment, this information will help us match your skills with client needs.

new jovoto profile

Your workspace of the future

Ultimately, the new jovoto profile is for you. If you have feedback or suggestions, do not hesitate to let us know.  We hope this will offer you an improved space to show-off your ideas, skills, and experience!

Are you ready to update your new jovoto profile and share your work with the world? Head to the platform and get started!

Alex Booth

Alexandra Booth joined jovoto in 2016. She is excited to help the jovoto creative community connect, learn, and grow!


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