jovoto’s new portfolio could propel your design career


A new online portfolio-builder opens doors for designers

As the workplace to connect, learn, and grow with creatives from over 160 countries, jovoto is always stepping-up its commitment to helping professional designers take their careers to the next level. That’s why the platform just launched a new online portfolio builder.

The jovoto experience

jovoto was founded with the belief that creatives should be able to decide when, where, and for whom they work. No matter where you live, the platform supports your independent design career by connecting you with big clients, eliminating logistics, and giving you real feedback. 

jovoto is proud to announce how it is transforming the online portfolio into an interactive experience that lets you show the world what you’re best at!


1. Access new clients like Audi, adidas & Greenpeace

Your jovoto portfolio does more than store your past work and idea samples. Instead, any time you add to your portfolio, your designs are reviewed by the jovoto team of expert designers. Beyond being assessed for quality, you may receive a special “Pro” skill that indicates your strength in a particular design area. Not only will this notify fellow creatives and potential clients of your abilities, but you will be able to access more projects on the jovoto platform.

jovoto features projects that are open to all community members, more complex projects for members with Pro skills, and finally Invite projects. Invite projects are opportunities with a group of highly-skilled, curated professionals who receive a fixed-daily payment for their work on a brief.

The jovoto portfolio is your place to show-off. jovoto and its clients will review your uploaded work samples and idea submissions to determine their invitations. By showcasing your past designs on jovoto, you open-doors to even more career-boosting opportunities.


2. Get actual feedback in realtime

Are you tired of sending out your portfolio to a potential client and never hearing back? Why didn’t they select your work?

jovoto believes that all creatives, no matter how professional and successful, are works in progress. By building your jovoto portfolio, you’re saying “yes” to feedback. When you submit an idea on jovoto, it doesn’t land in a black hole. Instead, you’ll receive realtime responses from a project-specific Creative Guide (the creative expert on the particular brief), the client, as well as your peers.

And when you submit a design, the process isn’t over! Based on feedback, you can continuously develop your designs throughout the project. This work-in-progress and feedback-based model has helped many creatives transform their portfolios into compilations that connect with even more clients.


3. Connect with collaborators from around the globe

Finally, the jovoto portfolio is your chance to share your skills and experience with over 90k creatives from around the globe.

When you see another outstanding creative or have a question about how someone created their design, reach out! By sharing your own jovoto portfolio, you’ll have a common ground to make new connections and potentially collaborate on a future project. You never know where a creative connection could lead!

Are you ready to build your jovoto portfolio, show-off your skills & access more opportunities? Head to jovoto and get started!

Alex Booth

Alexandra Booth joined jovoto in 2016. She is excited to help the jovoto creative community connect, learn, and grow!



    Hi Alex! I tried the new function and just uploaded some images for my portfolio and have some questions: Is it possible, to change the text after uploading? Is it possible to delete images after uploading? Is it possible to upload a PDF Presentation with more than 5 sites? Thanks for your help! 🙂 Yours Ramona

    Hey Ramona, at the moment it is not possible to update or delete your existing portfolio. Please write us at if you need help.

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