More work opportunities for creatives; earn fixed daily payments on jovoto!


jovoto was started nine years ago to offer creatives and designers an alternative career path to the traditional route. We offer talented designers and creatives hassle free opportunity and flexibility to choose when and where they work, and for who they work. 

Fast forward to the here and now, and we are excited to tell you about more ways for professional designers and creatives to work on jovoto. Let us introduce Invite Only projects with guaranteed payments on jovoto:

What is a jovoto Invite Only Project?

Some examples of Invite Only projects on jovoto.

The big difference between Invite Only projects and other projects on jovoto, is that the creatives are invited to work for a fixed daily payment. The design team working on the task are a small curated group of jovoto creatives (between 5-15 people) invited to participate in these exclusive projects based on a number of aspects, but above all industry experience and skill. We are working hard to offer you more of these projects as we know that it’s a highly attractive opportunity for many independent designers and creatives. 

Here’s what some of our creatives have to say about it:

Are you a working industry professional?  Keep reading to see how you can access a flexible and collaborative way of working on jovoto for a fair daily rate based on industry standards.

Some of the brands that you can work with on jovoto.

What does jovoto look for when creating a design team for Invite Only projects?

When we create design teams for Invite Only projects we want to work with creatives and designers that:

  • have a collaborative DNA!  (kind, positive, helpful, team-player, encourage others)
  • are conceptually strong (ability to connect the dots, abstract problems, think beyond the obvious)
  • show expertise in one or more creative industries (e.g. campaign, product design, on-package)
  • great communicators (fluent in English, able to present an idea/ concept effectively, critical but constructive feedback givers)
  • Driven and reliable! (quick to respond, deliver on time)

What can I expect to get paid?

How can I get invited?

Sound easy enough? Avoid the hassle of finding clients and start getting paid to work in a fun and collaborative environment, for who you want, wherever you want. We’re certainly excited to work with you! Apply to become a jovoto Pro today!


Olof Ekman is Head of Community Management at jovoto and spends his time making the the jovoto experience as fun & pleasant as possible for it's community members!



    Hello, I try to apply but the system doesn’t let me send an application. Is there another way to send it? Thanks a lot.

    It’s because you already are a jovoto Pro Maria! 🙂

    If you have the pro icon next to your profile name you are all good.


    This is nice. I’ve always enjoyed how different creatives approach the same brief differently where you can concider all perspectives.

    This is what I love about jovoto, no matter the public vote, quality and good executions always win. good stuff.

    Glad to hear you think so Kresimir!

    Hi, Olof!
    I very want to join the PRO team to be able to take part in projects that I like. I wrote here:
    but there’s no one there 🙁 I saw your comments there. I hope very much for Your help.
    Many thanks!

    Hi Lara, We’ve been in touch on the platform. Will talk to you there! All the best, Jess

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