Your jovoto Toolbox: The Rating System Explained


Hey there jovotans,

Do you want to know more about the jovoto rating system and how it works? Let us explain a couple things!

Why do we have a rating system?

It all started a few years back when jovoto was created to give you a professional digital work environment, where you can access top brands and provide real solutions all while collaborating and working with a motivational and supportive global community. The goal was to break the classic agency structure and give you the power to work: when you want, where you want, with who you want. All while giving you the power to have a say in the outcome.

Voila! To put this power in your hands, we introduced the jovoto rating system and jovoto Community Prizes. This gives you and your peers the opportunity to choose who has the best ideas and who should be rewarded for them. A fair and democratic process for rewarding ideas.

How to Rate an Idea

To rate an idea, click on the idea you’d like to rate. On the lower left-hand side of your idea, you’ll see a row of stars. Select the amount of stars you’d like to give the idea. Give the best ideas the highest ratings and the ideas you think are extremely weak or are completely off brief the lowest ratings.

Sometimes, you may see a list of stars to give. This is what we call rating dimensions or split rating. These options allow you to rate different aspects of the idea. The weight of the dimensions changes from task to task, depending on the importance of each aspect, it is decided project by project by jovoto and shared with you by the Creative Guide.

Guidelines To Follow When Rating

• Be sure to read and consider the creative brief.
• Rate using the full scale from 1-5. By giving a diverse range of ratings you broaden the range of ratings and use the full spectrum and power of the rating system.
• If you have friends on the platform and you find it hard to be objective, it’s better not to rate their ideas.
• The more you rate the fairer the result – more people more opinions. Broader spectrum.
• Always be fair and objective! Rate the ideas, rather than the people who submit them.

Rating System Facts

• The overall rating of an idea is based on many different aspects, including the number of ratings it receives.
• Each rating you give affects the entire project because the rating system takes into consideration a shifting scale of ALL votes. This means that even if your idea is not rated- its position can change based on the ratings of other ideas.
• The rating system updates every 2 hours, so you may not see the effects of your ratings immediately.
• Ratings only count once you have a Karma of over 300. This is to prevent unfair users from creating fake accounts only to rate their own ideas.

Rating Monitoring

Now you’re asking, how do they make sure it’s fair? The complex algorithm that creates the ranks of your ideas, also takes into consideration rating behaviour, which helps us to detect unfair and subject rating patterns. Creative Guides are also responsible for manually checking all ratings in a project. This can be very time consuming, so your patience is appreciated.

Rating Monitoring Facts

• Your ratings can be disabled if jovoto or the rating system algorithms find your rating behaviour to be unfair or subjective
• If your ratings are disabled in one single project there is no message on your profile, however, if your ratings are disabled in all projects, your will receive a banner on your profile page. This is not permanent, but make sure you adjust your ratings in any open projects and get in touch with us at

There you have it. We created the rating system to empower you because we value your opinion. We believe that this is what makes Crowdstorming on jovoto a unique work environment compared to the classic agency structure. We’re looking forward to working with you to develop and improve the rating system in the future!


Jess has been a Community Manager at jovoto since 2011. She enjoys getting to know community members from different parts of the globe, creating dialog and watching exciting ideas take shape on the platform.



    “Rating Monitoring Facts

    • Your ratings can be disabled if jovoto or the rating system algorithms find your rating behaviour to be unfair or objective”

    I think you wanted to say subjective instead of objective.


    Dear Dan,

    Thank you for the heads up. We’ve changed it.

    Have a great day,

    where can I see my karma points..?


    “This community member´s ratings are under review and are currently not factored into the overall rating score”… I have received this banner in my profile after I’ve started to vote on two projects and didn’t understand why / I have tried to vote fairly for everyone/, I wrote an emal to Customer support and have not received answer yet, I have read all the posts and still don’t know why….does someone know when this banner is going to disappear ?

    Dear paugc, you can see it on your profile next to your picture. (simply click on your name in the right top corner and then on “My profile”). 😉

    Dear Desislava, it is not permanent. We can look into that. Please contact us here.

    can i see ratings of not mine ideas?

    A doubt, if I do not have a karma higher than 300 my proposal is disqualified?

    Hi there, The 300 Karma point threshold you mention only refers to ratings. You have to work your way up to 300+ to have your ratings count. No matter what your Karma is, your submissions always count. All the best, Jess

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