Victorinox 2017 awards: Creatives & animals from 80+ countries

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For the 6th year in a row, Victorinox and jovoto teamed up to design the 2017 Classic Limited Edition Swiss Army Knife Collection. The Crowdstorm concluded with creatives from 82 countries submitting over 1200 designs. With such a diverse population of talent, the resulting images depict an incredible collection of animals from jovoto creatives’ home countries.  

Thanks to the help of Creative Guide, Ingo aka Old Yellow, this year’s selection is an excellent showcase of the jovoto community.

Prior to the client choice awards, the community awards, collaboration award and feedback award have been announced! Stay tuned for the client choice awards — the 10 winners will have their design produced!

Check out some of the community favorites!

Victorinox 2017 Awards — Community Winners

Victorinox 2017 AwardsDIZAINI

Victorinox 2017 AwardsMochamad Arief

Victorinox 2017 AwardsG_Sasha

Victorinox 2017 AwardsIoan-Catalin Ralea-Toma

Victorinox 2017 AwardsSapto Cahyono

Victorinox 2017 AwardsDIZAINI

Victorinox 2017 Awards



Victorinox 2017 AwardsBogdan Tanase-Marinescu

Victorinox 2017 Awardssharontan

Victorinox 2017 Awards


Victorinox 2017 AwardsG_Sasha

Victorinox 2017 AwardsCrossTheLime

Victorinox 2017 Awardsantoanaoreski

Victorinox 2017 AwardsG_Sasha

Victorinox 2017 Awardsmandykippax

Victorinox 2017 Awardsandreabrenesarguedas

Victorinox 2017 AwardsAngelo Ippoliti

Victorinox 2017 AwardsTommaso Balladore

Victorinox 2017 AwardsAitch

Victorinox 2017 Awardsgusmonk

Victorinox 2017 AwardsRaluca Mitarca

Victorinox 2017 AwardsCongratulations to Corina Rosca and LauriS on their collaboration award!

What is jovoto and how does it work?

jovoto is an open innovation platform that creates opportunities for designers and innovators and rewards great ideas. As a jovoto Creative you get to collaborate with a global community of professional creatives and work for brands such as Starbucks, Unicef, Greenpeace and Victorinox.

We call what we do Crowdstorming, it’s just like brainstorming – but on a much larger scale. It’s a unique process with people from all creative disciplines working together to solve design and innovation challenges. During the Crowdstorm, creatives submit ideas, give each other feedback, and collaborate to make great ideas even better.

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