Samsung Appcademy – The Final Winners!


Hello jovotans!
It’s been a while since the last update from our Samsung Smart TV Appcademy. As you may remember, the five finalists – chosen by Samsung and the jovoto community – were invited to the Samsung office in Schwalbach at the end of January. Since then, the finalists had ten weeks time to further work on their app concepts and to work on dummy versions of their apps.

Now, two weeks ago, the finale of the Appcademy finally took place! The finalists were invited to the Samsung Roadshow in Berlin on April 12, 2013. The Samsung team was very impressed by the quality of the apps and the passion the finalists put into their work! This was also shared by the Appcademy jury – consisting of three Samsung and three external experts. The jury was also very happy with the apps and had a hard time selecting the winners.
Without further keeping you on suspense, here are the results:

5th winner: Your Smart by Erik aka 3rik
Samsung AppAcademy (80)

4th winner: Interactivity by Tobias aka T0BI Samsung AppAcademy (81)

3rd winner: FoxFrame by Dominik aka Dom Believens  & Enes aka Stenuena

Samsung AppAcademy (14)

2nd winner: Ally by Rene & Patrick aka Seeki

Samsung AppAcademy (96)

1st winner: TV Couch In by Jannick aka sitelineSamsung AppAcademy (31)The winners & jury:

Samsung AppAcademy (160)

Left to right: Patrick Weiss (Content Manager at Samsung), Tobias W. (Interactivity), Erik S. (Your Smart), Rene & Patrick R. (Ally), Enes & Dominik (FoxFrame), Thomas Borrmann (Head of AV Marketing at Samsung), Willi Schroll (Consultant at Strategic Labs), Alexander McWilliam (Director Online Development at Berlin Phil Media GmbH) and Dr. Andre Schneider (Head of Product Strategy at Samsung).

Once again congratulations to all finalists and a big, big thank you for your hard work and effort each one of you put into the app development!

Britta L.
Britta L.

Britta is the link between sales, creative strategy and community management. As project manager she undertakes the strategic preparation of projects and supports the development process of the creative task as well as the analysis of the project results.



    Wow really proud. Jovotans did it again. Congrats to all of you.

    Thanks jovoto and jovotans!
    We had a great time!
    It was a big experience and very exciting, I would always join again!
    Best wishes,