Join us for People in Beta Festival October 1st


People in Beta Festival on October 1st is a one-day festival at betahaus, this co-wroking wonderland which made Moritzplatz hip and which is also home to the jovoto Headquarters.

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People in beta is a celebration of startup culture and this pioneer spirit unique to Berlin. Many of the hot new startups like Gidsy, Amen and Readmill will tell you about their ideas and how they started.

Awesome Foundation Award

The morning will begin with the award ceremony of the awesome foundation: Every other month, a group of trustees (inlcuding jovoto’s Bastian and Nadine) gives out a brown paper bag with 1000,- Euro in cash in it for an awesome project idea. No strings attached! If you have an awesome project you have always wanted to do, please apply here. (Specify Berlin as your chapter)


The day’s highlight is betapitch. Startups do a speed presentation of their business idea to a jury of experienced investors and successful startuppers. The winners get a desk at betahaus for free for a couple of months. It’s a perfect chance to kickstart your idea and make the jump from sideproject to fulltime effort. You can still apply so do it now!

Werewolf Gamez

To relax, you’re invited to visit the jovoto office… it will be kind of dark, kind of spooky… and there will be werewolves on the loose! We read so much about this game the cool kids in Silicon Valley and New York have rediscovered, that we think Berlin needs a refresher course, too. The game is called “Werevolves” and is basically a psychology game of deceit, manipulation and collaboration (hey, something jovotans should be sort of familiar with!). Each player gets assigned a role (citizen, werewolf and some special roles) and then its about figuring out “whodunnit”.

werewolf sticker1

Betajam and Party

Finally, there’s of course going to be a party with beer and music and live bands! Guess what: we have some talented musicians among our team members. Aljoscha and Jaschar will each have their 20minutes of fame (or more) on stage!



    very nice. the Werewolf Gamez, known also as Mafia, is played all over the world. I played it with a lot of nations and really well known among students…

    wooooohooooooooooooooooooooooo… It’s gonna be even better than the twighlight saga! hahahaha!