Life Edited – Countdown!



the end is nigh – only 4 days left until the Life Edited contest draws to a close! After several thrilling weeks we’ve come to look at 304 ideas with 6,171 attachments,  5,471 comments and more than 34,000 votes already – that makes it not only one of the most successful contests on jovoto so far, but also pretty impossible for Graham and the rest of the jury to sleep during the next couple of days…

Announcing the winners

However, as you probably will not be sleeping either until the winners are announced, everybody’s making a huge effort here not to tantalize you any longer: On January 27th at 12 PM (EST) we will announce the jury as well as the community winners! And yes, we will have an official announcement coming from Graham, so we prepared a livestream to have all of you joining, no matter where on earth you are at that moment. Exciting!

globe-people-city-globeby john hobbs

Question re: rating at Life Edited

Let me just explain something basic re: rating here. As always, when we’re having a big public contest, there are a lot of newbies participating in the contests (WELCOME once more!) – thus, they are usually having a lot of question especially re: the rating system. The old-timers amongst you know this already: we take fairness really seriously and we make a huge effort to keep it this way. So, if you notice rating behaviour that in your opinion seems to be unfair, you are welcome to contact the contest guide with your concern. However, you don’t have to and can still be sure it’s all going the right way as we’re monitoring the ratings constantly – and if we find something that doesn’t seem right, we contact the creatives in question and sort it out. Worst case: we disable their ratings. But first we try to solve it the nice way. In any case be sure it’s taken care of, so relax and focus on the nice things around here 😉

And BTW, you can find all the answers to your questions re: ratings and all that jazz here.

Feedback please!

Oh yes. It’s time to celebrate. 
What do we celebrate? A lot.
The betacup contest draws to a close, and after several thrilling weeks with fresh and convincing ideas we are more than anxious to get to know the results – and guess we’re not the only ones! Sooo we would like you to join us experience the finalization of the contest and especially the announcement of the winners together: not only are we going to find out about the winners of the community contest, but also the ones chosen by the jury.
And if this wasn’t enough, we are going to close our get-together with a little warming of the jovoto office – so there’ll be snacks, drinks, suspense, lots of good vibes… in a nutshell: it’s definitely worth missing out on Mexico against Corea.
When? Next Thursday, June 17th, from 3 P.M.  to 7 P.M. (EST).
Where? 42 West 24th Street. New York, NY 10010. Ask for mutopo/jovoto.
What else? Please register here, so we can start to organize a bit
We know you are spread all over the world and might not be able to come over, nevertheless we wanted to invite all of you. So if you CAN make it – GREAT! And if you can’t, there’s still going to be a stream of our little event.
We’d also like to seize the opportunity to announce this week’s Karma winners:
For the tireless and particularly fair rating during the last week you get a – drum roll – voucher for Threadless!
Last but not least – the summer is coming to the city and that’s always a reason to celebrate.
That’s it guys – looking forward to seeing you on Thursday!

Last but not least: as we’re always working on improving our platform to make your experience here even more fun and worthwhile, we prepared a feedback form for you here – we want to know how you found out about the contest, what you liked most and, of course, what you didn’t like at all – you can even leave a link if you rather make a video with your feedback than just typing it..

Guys, let me just say once more that it’s been A PLEASURE! Let us see you rating until the last second and crossing off the days on a calendar until Wednesday – we for our part certainly can’t wait!



    I’m sorry, but I haven’t understood.
    When does the rating period finish? Does the rating period finish on Monday as it is displayed on the contest’s page, or it finishes on Wednesday ?
    Thank you for your answer,
    best regard, michelangelo.

    Hey michelangelo,
    it does close on Monday, but after that the ratings have to be reviewed first and the judges also need a few days to make their decision.
    Good luck,

    ok thanks, that’s perfect

    we’ve really been struck by how supportive people have been in this challenge – as nathalie pointed out, the jovoto old-timers are used to lots of discussion and debate but the jovoto process is still quite unusual for anyone who has participated in a contest, particularly in the design and architecture field.

    we were really amazed by great, detailed feedback, lots of encouragement and it seems like the process helped people refine their ideas. its the best we could have hoped for.

    now we’re looking forward to finding the right space for graham on thursday.

    and thanks to nathalie and the jovoto team for keeping everything running smoothly. there is a lot of not-so-visible work going on to keep us all happy.

    Oh that´s really exciting !!

    I remeber the times when i was sitting in front of my powerbook, watching the announcements for the betacup contest, having fast heartbeats and chatting live with my teampartner and many others.

    I wish everybody best of luck for the last days of this long and very engaged marathon!!
    You guys have spend so much amazing work, thoughts, skills, creativity, concepts and even fun into it! It will be pretty hard for the jury to find a descision!

    Best of luck from Berlin!
    Yours Jesko

    I guess I should ask this here, coz I didnt get a response earlier on the briefing. Or whatever, I ll find out on the 27th 🙂 So the jury would come out with a list of their own ranking, or they ll only name one winner?


    Hey Zoran,
    the jury will present a shortlist of three entries – that is, besides the winner they will award two honorable mentions.