The crowdsourcing part of the re:publica 2014

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Two weeks ago I joined re:publica (#rp14) at the Station Berlin in Kreuzberg and it was a very inspiring. The biggest blogger conference in Europe or as the german bloggers refer to it the family meeting, was a huge event. More than 350 sessions on 18 stages, over 6.000 visitors and 500 speakers from over 45 countries speak a clear message. I was very happy to see, that the conference was a great place to meet future clients, too. To be honest, this was new to me. I spent nearly the whole second day in business meetings at the re:publica, so the relevance for the digital media industry is high. And of course crowdsourcing and new ways of collaboration in the social web was a huge topic, too.

I had a great chat with Prof. Robert Bauer and Thomas Gegenhuber from the Institute of Organization and Global Management Education at the University in Linz, Austria. They prepared their talk which was named The Mechanics of Crowdsourcing: Mobilizing the Many and the Extraordinary and I gave them some insights into the work we do here at jovoto. We talked about the future of crowdsourcing and Prof. Bauer said something remarkable, he said that we only stand at the beginning of the true potential of crowdsourcing, co-creation and crowdwork. What would happen if the use of broadband internet and the use of smartphones would be truly covered worldwide? The actual access to broadband internet is far below 50% worldwide. I can only think of the impact a true worldwide interconnectedness would have.

But there was also a good amount of criticism about the changes of labour in the area of crowdbased work. Florian Schmidt talked about the exploitation of clickworkers and what happens if cheating takes over in crowdsourcing projects:

But this was clearly the highlight and therefore most polemic critic Florian stated. His talk Crowdsourcing Design: the good, the bad and the ugly was full of nice examples from the world of collaborative work. And since it’s a pretty young world, it is more than important to keep the discussion going. The re:publica is a great place for this discussion, let’s see where we are next year. Until then, let’s keep on forging the workspace of the future together here at jovoto.

Jörn Hendrik Ast
Jörn Hendrik Ast

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