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The world is scratching its head…

Just beyond the tremendous opportunity that technology and digitalization brings, are innumerable questions surrounding what these changes means for people, companies, and work at-large. In response to these questions, jovoto has partnered with WIRED, adidas, Cisco, Vitra, and others to ensure that the next-generation of talent has a voice and hear your bold ideas.  

Your bold ideas

To give you an opportunity to share what matters to you and influence the future of work, we have launched “Looking ForeWork” — a platform for you to submit your bold ideas, connect with forward-thinkers from around the world, earn from a €25 000 award pool (increased thanks to new partners!), and have the chance to be flown into Berlin alongside WIRED editors and other companies.

bold ideas

How to get involved

Participate by developing a strong concept for how you imagine work will look in the future. Think about new new services, work models, products, policies, tools, etc. Once you have a bold new concept in mind, submit your vision on jovoto!

In classic jovoto fashion, submissions are never final. Instead, your ideas can be developed and transformed in an innovative, iterative process.  As the submission deadline is on the 26th of January, initiative partners have offered their Halftime Feedback beneath the brief.

When creating your future of work concept, be certain to keep their feedback in mind. They want to see:

  • Concept over Content

Focus on developing a strong and concept for an innovative and outside-the-box policy, tool, structure, workspace, app, service, platform, that WIRED would want to write about.

  • Relevancy to large organizations

How can we organise work that supports collaboration, flexibility, productivity and creativity in order to make working with traditional organizations attractive for the next generation of talents?

Be inspired

Though “Looking ForeWork” is ultimately about you and the world of work you would like to be a part of, don’t hesitate to read, research, and be inspired! Beyond WIRED, check out our future of work Pinterest board to get started.

Also, jovoto has offered a number of “sparks” to get you thinking. Feel free to develop a “spark” like “Work Gamified” or simply use these bright ideas as inspiration and submit something completely your own. Check out some of the sparks here!

Remember, focus on expanding your bold concepts — though your vision should be clearly communicated, prioritize the ideas themselves!

For a deeper insight into the innovative concepts about the future of work and the initiative’s overall impact, download the free success story.

Alex Booth
Alex Booth

Alexandra Booth joined jovoto in 2016. She is excited to help the jovoto creative community connect, learn, and grow!