Tell WIRED: What would make the “future of work” work for you?

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WIRED wants to know how YOU want to work

The dream of so many people is this: deciding when, where, and how you work. It used to be something unrealistic, but as the world becomes more connected, people want to create a work setup that gives them freedom.

A shift in power

“Talented people need organizations less than organizations need talented people.” -Dan Pink

In the past companies had control, offering job security, however in recent years the tables have turned. To attract and keep top talent, organisations are having to rethink what they can offer potential talent aside from a job and a paycheck.

Conversations are taking place around the world on how to revolutionise work and stay relevant to today’s top talent. The future of work is something that is being discussed by everyone from economists to HR professionals, but what about you, the actual talent?

The ForeWork Initiative

To add your voice to the conversation, jovoto founded the ForeWork Initiative in partnership with adidas, Cisco, and Vitra. ForeWork was created to connect the desires and concerns of creatives, innovators, entrepreneurs, and young professionals with organizational changemakers. ForeWork is a platform to support young talent as they shape their own future.

To spotlight how you want to work, ForeWork has teamed-up with WIRED. Inspired by WIRED’s commitment to “the people and ideas changing our world,” ForeWork is excited to offer up-and-coming talent the space to “think big” and have their voices heard by organizational management, thought leaders, and changemakers from around the world.  

WIRED future of work


Join the “future of work” conversation

This is your opportunity to become part of the conversation and be rewarded for your input. Join the jovoto community and submit your vision for the future of work.

Not only will you have your work reviewed by international thought leaders and WIRED editors, your piece may end up in the final ForeWork report.

There is a pool of up to €20.000 to be earned by the best submissions. This is a great opportunity to add to the conversation AND earn some great cash!

Additionally, jovoto, WIRED, and Hyper Island will host its partners in Berlin for a two-day ForeWork Workshop. You could be chosen to present your idea and collaborate with leadership from organisations like adidas, CISCO, and Vitra.

WIRED future of work


How YOU want to work

Whether you’re thinking of a new way of working remotely, an idea for a bold company commitment, a forward-thinking organisational hack, or a radical new way of working – push the limits of what is already out there.

Express your groundbreaking idea in newsworthy fashion. As WIRED has several components, ForeWork encourages you to submit your vision in the way that works best for you. Whether that’s a written article, an illustration,  a concept map, design, etc., this is about you so leverage the medium of your choice.

WIRED future of work



About jovoto

jovoto is the creative workspace of the future. It is an open innovation platform where creatives, designers, and innovators work together to solve design challenges for top global brands like Starbucks, Greenpeace, UNICEF, Victorinox, and Coca-Cola.

We call what we do crowdstorming, it’s just like brainstorming – but on a much larger scale. It’s a unique process with people from all creative disciplines working together to solve design and innovation challenges. During the Crowdstorm creatives submit ideas, give each other feedback, and collaborate to make great ideas even better.

Join the crowdstorm and submit your ideas between December 5 and January 26.