Get flown to Berlin and present the future workspace to adidas, Volkswagen & more

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How will digitalization revolutionize your future workspace?

To include talent in the future of work conversation, jovoto launched The ForeWork Initiative. In conjunction with adidas, Cisco, Vitra, Volkswagen, Telekom and others, the Initiative is excited to launch its second project on the future of work. After completing a kick-off project, the initiative is curious to see what the future workspace might look like.

Take a look around

Imagine it is 2025 and everything has changed.

The workplace of today has been replaced by radical new ways of communicating, collaborating, and exchanging knowledge.  With the rise of artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and the internet of things, the workplace will fundamentally change. A day of work in 2025 will be smarter, faster, and hopefully, even more engaging.  

To accomplish this, jovoto is inviting talented creatives to “time-travel” to the year 2025. Once there, you will get to witness a special project team in action. Observe how they interact with one another, with data, with technology, and physical space. Before “returning” to 2017, take a “snapshot” of this future workspace.

What was the most striking development in this new era of workspaces? Communicate this feature with a graphic, info poster, workflow, animation, video art, or another medium of choosing.

future workspace

What’s in it for you?

Your work will be reviewed by a panel of creative strategists, leading designers, and executives from ForeWork Initiative partners. Beyond this visibility, you will receive personalized feedback so you can continue to shape your submission over the course of the project.

Your work will be considered for €20 000 in jury and community awards, as well as potential inclusion in the final ForeWork report with WIRED.

Additionally, jovoto and WIRED will host its partners in Berlin for a two-day ForeWork Workshop. You could be chosen to be flown to Berlin, present your idea and collaborate with leadership from the partner organisations.

How do I participate?

To join the “Design ForeWork” project, you just need to sign up on jovoto and apply to the pro layer — a free and simple process!

Follow these simple and free steps to become a jovoto Pro and submit your vision.

  1. Head to this page and join jovoto by clicking on the box in the upper right-hand corner.   
  2. Once you have signed up, become a jovoto Pro by visiting this page and click “See Contest.”
  3. When you send your portfolio or design sample, jovoto will approve your application within 24 hours so you can get to work!


The ForeWork Initiative

To add your voice to the future of work conversation, jovoto founded the ForeWork Initiative in partnership with adidas, Cisco, and Vitra. ForeWork was created to connect the desires and concerns of creatives, innovators, entrepreneurs, and young professionals with organizational changemakers. ForeWork is a platform to support young talent as they shape their own future.

About jovoto

jovoto is the creative workspace of the future. It is an open innovation platform where creatives, designers, and innovators work together to solve design challenges for top global brands like Starbucks, Greenpeace, UNICEF, Victorinox, and Coca-Cola.

We call what we do crowdstorming, it’s just like brainstorming – but on a much larger scale. It’s a unique process with people from all creative disciplines working together to solve design and innovation challenges. During the Crowdstorm creatives submit ideas, give each other feedback, and collaborate to make great ideas even better. Once part of our professional community, top-creatives are considered for Invite-only projects with guaranteed payment.

For a deeper insight into the innovative concepts about the future of work and the initiative’s overall impact, download the free success story.