Refresh the Coca-Cola experience & connect fans around the world

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Coca-Cola is one of the world’s most beloved brands and its iconic glass bottle, one of the most recognizable products.

Known for inspiring campaigns like “Open Happiness,” “Share the Love” and the “your name,” customizable bottles, Coca-Cola is committed to creating deep relationships with customers.

Now, they are looking for a new, technological way to connect with and enhance the Coca-Cola experience for fans. If you’re a marketer, advertiser, communications designer or out-of-the-box innovator, Coca-Cola is inviting you to create a glass-bottle experience that offers customers a sip of the digital world.

Combine this century-old brand with a groundbreaking digitally-enhanced idea to offer a new and exciting way to experience a bottle of Coca-Cola.

What’s in it for me? 

Beyond having your Coca-Cola idea distributed, you could earn one of multiple cash prizes from the €14.000 total prize pool and add this major brand to your portfolio. Prizes are awarded by both the client and the creative community – not just for winning ideas, but also for giving valuable feedback, collaborating and giving fair ratings to other ideas.

How do I participate?

To join the “Connect with Coke” Crowdstorm, you just need to sign up on jovoto and apply to the pro layer — a free and simple process!

Follow these simple and free steps to become a jovoto Pro and submit your vision of a digitally-enhanced Coca-Cola experience.

  1. Head to this page and join jovoto by clicking on the box in the upper right-hand corner.   
  2. Once you have signed up, become a jovoto Pro by visiting this page and click “See Contest.”
  3. When you send your portfolio or design sample, jovoto will approve your application within 24 hours so you can get to work!

What is jovoto and how does it work?

jovoto is the creative workspace of the future. It is an open innovation platform where creatives, designers and innovators work together to solve design challenges for top global brands like Starbucks, Unicef, Greenpeace and Victorinox.

We call what we do Crowdstorming, it’s just like brainstorming – but on a much larger scale. It’s a unique process with people from all creative disciplines working together to solve design and innovation challenges. During the Crowdstorm creatives submit ideas, give each other feedback, and collaborate to make great ideas even better.

This Crowdstorm opens on November 3 and closes on December 1.  

Alex Booth

Alexandra Booth joined jovoto in 2016. She is excited to help the jovoto creative community connect, learn, and grow!