Design power for the shower & set new industry standard with Bette!

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Bette is a German family owned company that was founded in 1952. They are committed to developing one of the most traditional techniques to produce shower trays – a combination of steel and enamel. They create shower trays that respond to trends and meet their customer’s desires.

Bette is asking the jovoto design community to submit new shower tray concepts… they are inviting you to think about the next generation of the steel enamel shower tray.




This project is for product and interior designers as well as engineers and architects. Take part in setting a new industry standard.

Why submit your ideas to Bette?

Beyond having your idea realized by Bette, you could earn one of multiple cash awards from the €11,000 total pool. Awards are granted by both the top decision makers from Bette and our global creative community – not just for winning ideas, but also for giving valuable feedback and collaborating with other creatives.




How to participate?

To join the “Design Power for the Shower” project, you just need to sign up to become a member of our global community. Once you join, you can access this project by submitting your jovoto Pro application. We will review your portfolio within 24 hours. Looking forward to seeing your work!



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This project is accepting submissions until August 30.


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Jana Franke

Having studied design, Jana is passionate about developing and discussing Ideas and concepts. She joined Jovoto in 2017 as Creative Guide.