Interview with VP of Global Design of Coca-Cola Company


Hey there, For the final count down in the Coca-Cola Design+ Award we want to share our interview with David Butler with you. David Butler is the Vice President of Global Design at the Coca-Cola Company. Via video call we talked with him about where he gets his creative inspiration from, about the impact of crowdsourcing platforms for big brands like Coca-Cola, his impression on the Coca-Cola Design+ Award and so on. He has a lot to tell, here we go:


Britta L.

Britta is the link between sales, creative strategy and community management. As project manager she undertakes the strategic preparation of projects and supports the development process of the creative task as well as the analysis of the project results.



    “design crowdsourcing platforms? this is the future!”
    1’37” – love it!!

    Thanks for the interview, Mr. David Butler!

    Try to share and be as transparent as you can get about feedback, jury decisions or even implementation. It values all the amazing work from the community in your contest and keeps the dialog running.

    Best from Berlin!
    Yours JeskoStoetzer

    i really like his hair

    a man’s comb is his hassle

    Impressive view of the future, and great tips to have in mind for the jury to chose the winner!

    Thx Jovoto, for this opportunity!

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