Top 10 community winners at the garden unique

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As promised here’s the update on the garden unique exhibition. Besides the 3-d models of the three jury winners, a total of ten submissions are going to be presented in Cologne at the garden unique. Now it’s finally decided, it’s gonna be the community ranking’s top 10. So congrats to you guys once again !

Viewing them as a collection once more shows the stunning diversity of approaches:

While anonimusarh’s entry focusses on seats that cleverly create space for plants to grow within them, nuhuh draws his inspiration from Monet’s “The Cliff” and evolves his balcony design based on the work’s colors and atmosphere.


Shade by anonimusarh and The Edge by nuhu

Luka impresses with his futuristic maritime design, basing his balcony on a stretched oval shape. With the seaside in mind as well, Tim_Kerp presents a ball-shaped, roofed seat as an aesthetic retreat from the sun and the wind.


Apartment 2 by Luca and Sight by Tim_Kerp

Based on the origami principle, yuton equips his balcony with stylish foldable chairs with futuristic surfaces. In juxtaposition to that, Gorlov puts an emphasis on natural materials, contrasting the surrounding urbanity of the city.

yuton_&_GorlovOrigami folding furniture by yuton and terrace 9,84×2,70 by Gorlov

nicolasp goes a completely different route with his modular pot system made of building blocks that give the impression of modern jungle buildings spotting the balcony. With furnituresig’s submission we look at an interesting implementation of multipurpose furniture, offering an integrated table fountain as well as a fire place.

furnituresig_&_nicolaspAdd+ by nicolasp and Having fun! video update by furnituresig

With the port-side in mind, additio put an seat at the heart of his concept, which serves as a retreat from curious eyes, while harryreich uses space creatively with a classy black & white suite of table and chairs that open and close like a blossom, imitating nature in his furniture design.

additio_&_harryreichThe garden room by additio and blossom by harryeich

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Britta L.
Britta L.

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