3 steps to creating a winning idea



When you have a great idea, you want to make sure it gets the attention it deserves.

Making your idea stand out isn’t rocket science. By following these three simple steps and using the handy compilation of creative resources below, you will be able to present your idea successfully to win the attention of the community and client in no time!

Here’s how:

1 Use outstanding images that take the viewer on a journey

2 Keep it short, to the point & focus on your core message

3 Pick a name that gets talked about

1) Use outstanding images that take the viewer on a journey


With the right image, ⅔ of the job is done. Images help viewers quickly understand the situation, environment, and mood of your idea. They take the viewer by the hand and guide them to the core of your idea.

You can use your own images if you have them, but if you don’t, there are many handy resources out there that offer free stock images for anyone to use.

Here are our top five online rescources:

https://stocksnap.io/ – Updated with 10 new images per day and has a good search function

https://unsplash.com/ – Great photos and portraits with an artsy touch

http://negativespace.co/ – A wide range of photos, 20 new photos added every week

http://www.splitshire.com/ – A collection of beautiful photos by Daniel Nanescu with an urban lifestyle focus

http://www.lifeofpix.com/ – Offers free high-resolution photos with no copyright restrictions. New pictures added weekly.

All stock and third party material used must be disclosed in your submission. Read more about using stock material in our FAQS

2) Keep it short, to the point & focus on your core message


Well said Hans!


Explaining your idea in a simple, clear, and captivating way is key to keeping people’s attention. Creatives who present their ideas with few, powerful, and essential points have a 34% higher winning ratio than ideas that include long detailed texts.

Here are tools and tips on how to keep it simple:

1) In the book “How Google Works” Eric Schmidt describes how he writes emails that get people’s attention: “You have to write a draft then go through it and eliminate any words that aren’t necessary.” Apply this to explaining your idea as well.

2) Once you’ve eliminated the unnecessary parts of your idea, use bullet points for the most essential ones.

1) Write an elevator pitch that anyone can understand in 30 seconds or less.

3) Pick a name that gets talked about

From our experience, ideas with a catchy name that also says something about the idea, are more often brought up in meetings with clients.

With the right name for your idea, you can create the right associations in the viewer’s mind. This guides them to quickly understand what your idea is all about and makes it memorable.

Here are 3 tips for coming up with a name that sticks:



• Make sure it’s easy to pronounce. If your idea name is hard to say, people won’t talk about it.

• Give a clue to what your idea is about, that way people will be able to relate the content of your idea directly to the name.

• Keep it short and simple (yes, this applies to names as well…). Try to stick to two syllables, studies show that a short name is much more likely to be remembered than a long one.


With outstanding images, you catch the viewer’s attention, by explaining your idea short and simple you keep their attention and with a catchy name you make it stick in their head.

That’s it, as we said in the beginning, no rocket science, but hopefully, it might result in some fireworks! Check out our current ongoing projects and submit an idea following these 3 tips and see the result! 

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Olof Ekman is Head of Community Management at jovoto and spends his time making the the jovoto experience as fun & pleasant as possible for it's community members!



    Definitely 3 simple good advises!
    I will try to apply it in the future project.

    thank you for your helpful advices!

    We’re happy the post is helpful! 🙂