Chinoiserie-Chic Winners

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Dear textile creatives,

The Chinoiserie-Chic textile challenge has recently ended and you guys & girls were absolutely stunning. We would like to congratulate you and thank you all for submitting and delighting our eyes and hearts with such incredible patterns!

Today we would like to announce the first round of winners, for the Community Awards, the Best Collaboration and the Best Feedback.

Here are the official winners:

The eight designs rated highest by the jovoto comunity are..

#8: “Sound of Tranquility” by Sabine Reinhart

#7: “Rosa” by Ariadna Uehara


#6: “Secret Garden” by chiara pollano

#5: “Chinese spring” by angeloartimus


#4: “?? I” by gusmonk

#3: “Peacock and flowers” by Laura Muñoz Estellés and Mónica Maria Martinez Sanchez


#2: “Dancing Cranes” by anastasianio

#1: “Magic Garden” by gamia9

The Best Collaboration Award goes to Laura Muñoz Estellés and Mónica Maria Martinez Sanchez their idea “Peacock and flowers“. That’s a double win for you. Congratulations, Laura and Mónica!

And the Best Feeback Award goes to KCauvin, a print designer based in Sydney, Australia, who has brought a great contribution in terms of helpful and constructive feedback in this challenge. Thank you, KCavin! And thanks everyone who has commented and helped fellow submitters develop their ideas even further.

That’s it, folks, for today! Don’t forget to check out the new public challenge for the city of Linz, Austria, starting tomorrow. 😉

Warm wishes for a hot summer day in Berlin,