Design Sennheiser’s new headphone experience

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Can you transform young professionals’ sound experience?

Brands are rarely able to ride the success of a single product forever. Instead, most of the world’s top brands are notorious for producing one game-changing idea to market after another.

As new ideas are the foundation of sustained growth, Sennheiser, a world leader in sound, is ready  to reinvent itself with a ground-breaking new headphones set. As music is the gateway to relaxation and happiness for so many, Sennheiser sees tremendous potential in catering to the community of young professionals fusing their private and professional lives while in transit. Whether commuting to work on the subway or waiting for a flight after a consulting project abroad, these next-geners want access to quality-sound, chill-out time no matter where they are.


But knowing that these 20- and 30-somethings are eager to listen to their favorite tunes on-the-go is only half the equation. Sennheiser recognizes that it must think beyond everything it loves about its classic headphones. In order to offer a product that truly transforms the travel listening experience, they are asking for your help.

Why submit your designs to Sennheiser?

This is your chance to submit a product design, unique user experience, feature, or engaging partnership that takes the Sennheiser headphone into a league of its own. This open brief is ready for your imaginative ideas that could range from physical elements to new services or listening ecosystems. This project is yours to run with!

SennheiserBeyond having your idea realized, you could earn one of multiple cash prizes from the €9 000 total award pool. Prizes are awarded by both the client and the creative community – not just for winning ideas, but also for giving valuable feedback and collaborating with other creatives.

Also, winning designers will receive their own €400 Sennheiser headphone set!

How do I participate?

To join the “Hifi to go” project, you just need to sign up on jovoto and since this project is for jovoto Pro’s only, just apply to become a jovoto pro — a free and simple process! Once you are accepted, head over to the brief and submit your ideas there.


What is jovoto and how does it work?

jovoto is the creative workspace for designers worldwide. It is an open innovation platform where creatives, designers and innovators work together to solve design challenges for top global brands like Mercedes Benz, Coca-Cola, WIRED and Victorinox. 

We call what we do crowdstorming, it’s just like brainstorming – but on a much larger scale. It’s a unique process with people from all creative disciplines working together to solve design and innovation challenges. During a jovoto Crowdstorm, creatives submit ideas, give each other feedback, and collaborate to make great ideas even better. Once a member of our community, you could be eligible for Invite projects with fixed daily payments of up to €450 per day.

This project opens on April 7 and closes on April 28.