Introducing Amelia Graham – Textile Orbit Guest Pinner



Dear Textile Orbiters and jovotans alike,

We’re happy to welcome Amelia Graham as our first Textile Orbit guest pinner in 2016.

Designing in London and working with names like Calvin Klein, H&M, Paul & Joe, Diane von Furstenberg and Jason Wu, we wanted a peak into the inspiration, tips and tricks of this successful designer, so we asked her to pin with us- check out Amelia’s Pinterest board.

In order to kick off the year- and the week of fantastic pinning, we also have an interview with this London based Textile Designer. So let’s start!


Amelia, you currently live and work in London, one of the world’s fashion capitals. What is that like for you as a textile designer?

London, its vibrant dynamism and its huge and expansive disparity and contrast and green spaces is a constant source of inspiration. It’s a city in constant flux, evolving architecture, new against old. It’s full of ideas. Fashion is experimental, diverse, I find ideas everywhere, in art galleries , through the lens of a camera, on the street.

How does a typical work day start out, and where do you do most of your designing?

I work when the moment takes me and opportunity allows. I am a mother so often the work day begins walking my son to nursery, and ruminating on ideas on the way back to the studio.

Working part time is liberating, and I find it allows the creative process time to breathe.
Most of my design work takes place in front of my Mac Pro. I also generate motifs with my trusty Leica and through mark marking, but digital experimentation plays a key roll. Work is rendered digitally on silk.


Where and what did you study? 

I am an alumni of the UAL and have a Bachelor of Arts on textile design from Chelsea College of Art and Design. I did my foundation art at Brighton.

Which designers/artists/inspirations etc. have been particularly influential in your design practice?
Art – Color Field and Abstract Expressionism, Motherwell, Pierre Soulanges, Clifford Still, Barnett Newman, Franz Kline.

Emile Nolde and some other Expressionists for colour.

Wyndham Lewis, Vorticism, the Bauhaus, Constructivism, De Stijl for formality.

Photography – Saul Leiter, Maholy Nagy, Vivian Maier.

Architecture – Mies van der Rohe, Le Corbusier, FLW, Richard Neutra, Taedo Ando, Neutra. Modernism, Brutalism.

Fashion – Dries Van Noten, Jonathan Saunders, Proenza Schouler.

Textiles – Josef Frank and Babara Brown.


From what I gather from your bold and colourful internet presence, you also have love for French culture. What draws you to it and does it effect your work?

Ha, the main draw to French culture is having married a French man. We also lived in Paris, and the city is so different from London, it was an intensely inspiring period. Language, art, cinema, even the people themselves seem more poetic in their expression. Fashion has a refinement, a distilled essence that appeals to my innate love of simplicity.

You’ve worked for names like Calvin Klein, H&M, Paul & Joe, Diane von Furstenberg and Jason Wu, and now you’re moving into interior. Besides a ton of hard work, is there anything else you can tell us about being successful in the industry?

Never considering yourself successful perhaps. Remaining authentic in your ideas, and experimental in the creative process.

Do you have any new projects/ambitions for 2016 that you’d like to share with us?

Continuing with my signature prints for my eponymous label Amelia Graham. I would love to see more application in modern interiors and to continue to work with architects and interior and product designers for multifarious application.

Along side I am working on a collaboration with an Embroiderer called Ellie Macdonald. Together we are launching a high end Textile label called EvA. (Ellie Vs Amelia).

EvA focuses on high end Textile Art instillation for private and commercial use, and it currently in the throes of a commission for an international client. My lips are sealed but watch this space!

We’re so happy to have you. Thanks for taking the time to pin with us in the Textile Orbit, Amelia!

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    truly inspiring interview – loved both web pages and i am looking forward to see more Amelia Graham everywhere – high end textiles are the most amazing art/craft/design combo around!
    best wishes, irena

    Great work and interesting read! 😀