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From briefing and the social creative process, to PR and prototyping, we work closely with our partners, whether NGOs or major brands, to get the most out of their Crowdstorm.

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We help you to dig deep and identify your creative challenge, getting the creative brief right.

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We pair you with the right creatives for the job, from a select team of 5 up to 70K worldwide.

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Maximize your returns, as professional creatives deliver inspiration and creative solutions.

Success stories

  • Case1
    Alexandru coman
    Concept by alexandru_coman

    Coca-Cola crowdstormed the future of the crate

    Generating a branded conversation while solving their product design challenge.
  • Case2
    Concept by bcgg23232

    Life edited crowdstormed complex interior architectural solutions for tiny spaces

    Transforming one 40m2 space in Brooklyn and setting a new standard for sustainable living.
  • Case3
    Concept by Alab

    Total Oil crowdstormed the gas station of the future

    Solving an incredibly complex architecture and service design challenge, while engaging their customers.
  • Case4
    Concept by 7tyfour

    Villeroy & Boch crowdstorms privately with top-talent on jovoto

    Infusing their traditional products with fresh creative perspectives.
  • Case5
    Concept by hellotommy

    Greenpeace crowdstormed campaign ideas with a global audience

    Taking on fast-food giant McDonalds for the win!

We aren't short of outside-of-the-box solutions

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Incredibly fast

Solve your creative challenge in a fraction of the time normally needed in-house. Expect to see initial results in a matter of days.

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Extremely fresh

Brainstorm at scale with a massive pool of interdisciplinary, independent creatives or work with a few top talents. Results you need to drive forward.

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Smooth & easy

Solving complex challenges becomes easy with our core Crowdstorm technology, extensive crowdsourcing and community management expertise.

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